Entertainment  |  29 Mar 2023

Neela’s new single “You’ll Never Know” is an elegant soft R&B ballad

MUMBAI: Vintage vision that includes an intro with an electric guitar lick that grows into the song with a nostalgic production that feels like a g

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Biz  |  22 Jan 2013

T-Suresh: "In 2012 non-film music claimed it's due"

EMI Music India managing director T Suresh:

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Photos  |  31 Dec 2012

Sunburn 2012 - Day 3

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Photos  |  29 Dec 2012

Sunburn 2012 - Day 2

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Photos  |  28 Dec 2012

Sunburn 2012 - Day 1

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Photos  |  12 Mar 2012

David Guetta rocks India!!!

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Entertainment  |  29 Feb 2012

David Guetta: 'I get little nervous whenever I play for the first time in front of new audience'

Hailed as world’s No.1 DJ, French house music producer David Guetta is currently trending in India with his much awaited three-city tour for the...

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Photos  |  29 Oct 2010

Sunburn-IV event announcement

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