| 25 Jun 2024
It is unfortunate on our part that we are not getting the right money for radio when it comes to advertising, says MY FM Business Head Rahul Namjoshi

MUMBAI: MY FM Business Head Rahul Namjoshi, who recently attended The Radio Festival in Delhi brought to light, how radio advertising is underpaid when compared to other mediums.

On being quizzed if there are less advertisers investing in radio, Namjoshi exclaimed, “I will not say that there are less advertisers. We have almost all the top brands of the country, who are advertising on radio. The only challenge is that the pie they need to spend on the medium is very less. They are enjoying with this medium, but its bit an unfortunate part from our side that we are not getting the right money for this medium.”

Further bringing to light on how radio resonates with the consumer buying time, Rahul Namjoshi further said, “Radio is the medium, which is 24*7 and the only medium active during the consumer buying time. When it comes to print, you read in the morning, television you normally watch late in the evening, but shopping happens in the day-time and that is the time, when radio is live. We, at MY FM, are pretty heavy in the morning (8 am), when the shops are open.”

Rahul Namjoshi, who was quite delighted to be a part of The Radio Festival, concluded, “Yes, it’s an interesting platform. We were able to meet and interact not only with the Private FM guys, but also with community radio and All India Radio guys. Also, there were intelligent listeners present.”