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Entertainment  |  05 Apr 2021

BLACKPINK's Rosé shows her emotional side in "Gone"

MUMBAI: If you're dealing with heartbreak, don't worry: Rosé is here for you.

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Entertainment  |  28 Aug 2020

BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez release new song music video "Ice Cream"

MUMBAI: Famous K-pop BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez release their new upcoming song called “Ice Cream” and it's worth waiting for as one would witness

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Entertainment  |  27 Aug 2020

BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez drop teaser 'Ice Cream'

MUMBAI: South Korean girl group BLACKPINK have dropped a video teaser for their upcoming single “Ice Cream” featuring American singer-songwriter Se

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Entertainment  |  26 Aug 2020

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez reveal teaser poster for 'Ice Cream'

MUMBAI: BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez is a dream collaboration for BLINKS and Selenators and that's exactly what they're getting in two days.

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Entertainment  |  24 Aug 2020

Watch BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez chat via video call about their upcoming single

MUMBAI: Ahead of the release of their new collaboration with Selena Gomez, BLACKPINK has shared an adorable clip of a video call with the American

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Entertainment  |  22 Aug 2020

Ariana Grande is anticipated for Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK's new single

MUMBAI: Turns out it isn’t only Selena Gomez who is part of Blackpink’s highly anticipated new single “Ice Cream”; Ariana Grande revealed that she

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Entertainment  |  18 Aug 2020

Selpink is ready; Selena and BLACKPINK released upcoming song poster

MUMBAI: Selena and BLACKPINK's collaboration was announced last week with Selena sharing the official poster and revealing she was excited about th

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Entertainment  |  12 Aug 2020

Selena Gomez announces exciting news with BLACKPINK

MUMBAI: Not content to dominate YouTube and collab with Lady Gaga, Blackpink and Selena Gomez announced that they'd be dropping a brand-new track.

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Entertainment  |  08 Aug 2020

BLACKPINK to collab with Selena Gomez

MUMBAI: BLACKPINK‘s second pre-release song, set to be released in August, will feature Selena Gomez.

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Entertainment  |  08 Aug 2020

BLACKPINK tossed to their 4th anniversary

MUMBAI: BLACKPINK is celebrating their 4th anniversary as a K-pop group and they are ready for their new single!

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Entertainment  |  13 Jul 2020

Ganesha statue removed from the music video "How You Like That" BLACKPINK

MUMBAI: The statue of the Hindu god Ganesha flashed on the screen for just seconds in the music video by BLACKPINK, an all-female K-pop band.

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