Entertainment  |  14 Jul 2020

Chhavi Sodhani releases new single, Jaag, on Artist Originals (AO)

MUMBAI: Singer, composer, lyricist and music producer – Chhavi Sodhani is launching her brand new single ‘Jaag’ in her second collaboration with A

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Entertainment  |  21 May 2020

Lost Stories release up-beat electronic rendition of folk classic 'Mai Ni Meriye' with Artist Originals

MUMBAI: Lost Stories today released their latest single ‘Mai Ni Meriye’, (feat.

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Entertainment  |  30 Sep 2019

Artist Originals (AO): Punjabi pop sensation Jaz Dhami releases latest track 'Bomb Bae'

MUMBAI: Building on his growing reputation as a unique lyrical storyteller, UK-based singer Jaz Dhami is releasing a new track, Bomb Bae.

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Entertainment  |  21 May 2019

Original songs should always be on the top: Jaz Dhami

MUMBAI: Artist Originals (AO) has launched UK-based singer Jaz Dhami’s second track - Kai Saal, after releasing his first track 

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Entertainment  |  31 Jan 2019

Modern Punjabi culture comes alive in new track and video by rapper Fateh

MUMBAI:   Punjabi is one of the official languages in Canada given the Punjabi population in the country.

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Biz  |  01 Mar 2018

Shadow and Light's new album 'Sabar', marking the streaming platform's Artiste Original division

MUMBAI: Sometimes all we want is a soothing song to calm our senses. The new album launched by Saavn today is all about the soothing music.

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