| 17 Jun 2024
TAM AdEx data (Q1 Vs Q2) 2019: 'Services' sector tops on radio

MUMBAI: As per TAM AdEx data Q1 2019 Vs Q2 2019 for radio, we have brought details of top five sectors that ruled on radio in 2018 and 2019 with their comparative data. As per the TAM report, ‘Services’ sector has topped in both in Q1 (Jan-Mar 2019) and Q2 (Apr-Jun 2019). While it recorded 31 per cent shares in Q1, the sector’s score dropped to 26 per cent in Q2.

While the Banking/Finance/Investment sector stood second in Q1 2019 with 12 per cent shares, it couldn’t make it to the top five in Q2 2019. The third place was bagged by ‘Food & Beverages’ sector with 10 percent shares, but it had to settle at the fifth place in Q2 2019 with 9 per cent shares.

Further, Auto sector maintained its fourth rank in both Q1 and Q2 in TAM AdEx Data Q1 2019 Vs Q2 2019 though its percentage share increased from 8 per cent in Q1 to 10 per cent in Q2 respectively. Retail sector stood fifth in Q1 with 8 per cent, but escalated to the second place in Q2 with 11 per cent.

Lastly, the Education sector, which couldn’t make it to the top five in TAM AdEx Data for Q1 2019, bagged the third place in TAM AdEx Data for Q2 2019 with 10 per cent shares.

Radio’s indexed growth for Q1 2019 was 100 while it was 92 for Q2 2019.