| 18 Jun 2024
BBC to air shows on Chandigarh based community radio

MUMBAI: BBC World Service announced its tie up with a Chandigarh-based community Vivek 90.4 FM. Available in some radio stations across India, Vivek FM will be the first community radio to have BBC service on air. The shows offered by BBC on Vivek 90.4 FM are a weekly science programme, Discovery, Culture shock, Top of the pops offering weekly UK music chart rundowns, The ticket, One planet, Health fact Files providing essential information about different aspects of your health, Charlie Gillett's World of Music and Science in action which looks at science stories in and behind the news from around the world.Listeners at Vivek 90.4 FM also have the opportunity to learn English, get health tips from across the world and learn about world opinions on technological advances, environment, music, art and culture - all on their local FM radio. Referring to the new move, BBC World Service business development manager Vineeta Dwivedi says, "It has always been our endeavour to offer intriguing and informative programming to radio audiences in India. We hope that thanks to our cooperation with Vivek 90.4 FM as well as other FM stations, consumers across India can enjoy the fantastic content from the BBC." The community radio Vivek 90.4 FM is an initiative by Vivek High School, Chandigarh and has been on air since March 2007. The radio station has been involved in spreading community awareness and information in the field of health, education, literacy and nutrition.