Biz  |  16 May 2016

Bed time tales - is FM radio wooing the late night listener?

MUMBAI: Every night, as millions of Indians count sheep to reach somnolent bliss, radio executives are busy counting newly found listeners and adv

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Biz  |  06 Feb 2013

Anil Srivatsa: " New industry needs a cooperative eco system"

Radiowalla Network Pvt Ltd CEO and co-founder Anil Srivatsa: Year 2012: We have two services, Spotradio and Radiowalla. Spotradio is a market leading...

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Biz  |  05 May 2008

Radio Today COO Anil Srivatsa - Working women are our highest listeners in the afternoons

Radio Meow has been the pioneer in positioning women as a target for their radio station and has been successful in garnering listeners. Radio Today...

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