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Review |  25 Oct 2017 15:05 |  By RnMTeam

T-Series' Aaja Mahi, a no return investment

MUMBAI: T-Series latest offering Aaja Mahi, an attempt to meet the needs of a party audience falls flat on its face. The track hangs somewhere in between trying to be a storyteller and an entertainer. At no point in this song video does it manage to bring these two elements together. 

The track starts with a fight sequence, but what amazes us is the dressing of the lead of this video, Aaryan. He seems like a character out of a fantasy movie, but he soon turns into a Mumbai ka gunda in ganji. Yes, the transition takes place in less than 10 seconds. This is also the moment when you lose interest in this music video. What happens next is beyond one's imagination, but anyone who has watched Bollywood movies would not be amazed at this. The hero of the video knocks down his opponent in the ring with a single punch, that gets Daisy Shah to fall in love with him. 
We could have just ignored the tale had the music blown us out of our minds but, Lijo George and Aaryan offer nothing new. Aaja Mahi's track is just like its name, heard before. 
One might dance to this track sung by Jyotica Tangri and Malik Sahab, but it won't make you go all gaga over it. The music of this track falls flat in every way. The choreography too isn't appealing and neither is the artiste pairing. 
Undoubtedly, the video quality of this song is to mark given the brand name, but we can't say the same about its music. We just hope T-Series next attempt at making the audiences dance would be better than Aaja Mahi
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