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News |  24 May 2024 18:17 |  By RnMTeam

Out now! Montreal's Valfreya's 'Dawn Of Reckoning' is a blackened folk descent into mythological madness

MUMBAI: Valfreya is a blackened death symphonic metal band from Montreal, Canada that has been active, to the delight of its enthusiastic fans, since 2009. Thrilled bards, fervent musicians, storytellers, and spirited performers, Valfreya used to gear their musicality towards a Celtic and folkloric metal genre. They are now releasing their sixth album “Dawn Of Reckoning”, a concept album that follows the goddess Hel as she brings malice and justice to humanity. The band comments, “Dawn of Reckoning is a concept album. The main theme revolves around the anger of the goddess Hel which plays the metaphorical role of a fatal justice towards a guilty humanity. The songs convey this anger, but also a range of intense emotions related to the execution of humankind. Musically, you will hear dark symphonies, epic choirs, versatile vocals alongside tumultuous guitars and violin riffs.”

On stage, Valfreya has a theatrical presence even though they don’t always take themselves seriously. They transmit the musical mood to the crowd through a homogeneous complicity, but also through instrumental performance worthy of what you can hear on the album.

Valfreya's dedication to their craft shines through in every aspect of “Dawn of Reckoning”. From the intricate compositions to the powerful lyrics, each element of the album is meticulously crafted to immerse listeners in a world of darkness and despair. The album was produced by Valfreya plus mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and the artwork was done by Alex O’Dowd. It is recommended for fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, and Wintersun.

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Track Listing:
1. Dawn of Reckoning - 1:56
2. The Rise - 5:55
3. Warcry - 5:52
4. The Fate - 4:10
5. The Fall - 5:22
6. Equilibrium - 8:31
7. The Fallen Kings - 5:02
8. A New Era - 5:11
9. Le Périple - 4:44
10. Reus es - 6:14
Album Length: 53:02

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