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News |  13 May 2024 16:24 |  By RnMTeam

Celebrating Mother's Day: A Tribute to the Pillars of Strength

MUMBAI: As Mother's Day approaches, it's a time to reflect on the invaluable role that mothers play in our lives and to honor their unwavering love and support. From actors to Bharatnatyam artists to singers, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to share their heartfelt reflections and pay tribute to the most important women in their lives.

Actor and Singer Aushim Khetarpal extends his heartfelt wishes, saying, "Wish a very happy mother’s day to all. Mother is the key of our existing on the earth. Whoever mother teaches us that we have born on this earth to pay a rent and do human service for a birth we pay a rent to god for our existence on this earth. These messages if that given by every mother to their children the earth would be a much better place to stay."

Bharatnatyam Artist Apeksha Niranjan beautifully describes motherhood as a sacred journey, saying, "Motherhood is like a Sadhana, a sacred journey where every sacrifice, every choice is dedicated to the ultimate aim: the well being my child. In this divine path, I choose love over everything else, nurturing with unwavering dedication, for their flourishing is my greatest joy."

Singer Jashan Bhumkar shares his personal experience of celebrating Mother's Day, saying, "So last year on mother’s day i came up with a very special song dedicated to my mother and all mothers of the world. It was called 'Ti Ekti Chandani'. Its a Marathi song, which said that ‘In the whole wide sky mother you are my only shining star’ thought that song was released last year it is what i feel every year and actually every day is about my mother and all the mother’s of the world."

As we celebrate Mother's Day, let us take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for the incredible women who have nurtured and supported us unconditionally. Their love and sacrifices shape us into the individuals we are today, and it is important to recognize and honor their invaluable contributions.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!