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News |  17 Feb 2023 15:01 |  By RnMTeam

Delhi based Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer LAKSHAY debuts with ‘THEHRA’

MUMBAI: Hailing from Delhi, Lakshay, a Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer, released a Hindi debut single 'Thehra' in his mellifluous voice. Written-Produced and Performed by the man himself, ‘Thehra’ is a song about stagnancy and waiting. It’s about the urgency to reach somewhere when you’re on a train, but you’re also stationed at that very moment so all you can do is just wait. The feeling can be haunting but it’s also a feeling that is so trivial that everyone experiences it.

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"Thehra is a song that I wrote during the lockdown when the entire world was shut in their rooms. I always liked the comfort of my own space rather than the outside so I was mostly happy to be legally inside the room. Writing music has always been something that has come easy to me, but that period was the first time when I was not able to do it. I was forcing music out of myself and before too long, I gave up. I packed my keys and waited. Just waited around, for my calling", shares Lakshay

The song talks about the trivial nature of this feeling and being trapped inside a room, just waiting for a calling until you realise that calling doesn’t actually exist. Sometimes you have to let the external guide you outside the room and let things happen, and you might learn that stagnancy for you has ended.

"I used to be in my room, doing everything in my room except music. For a month or two, I just used to see my packed keyboard away from me and I drifted far and far away from the thought that I could ever make music again.

One morning, I opened my eyes and saw a brim of sunlight shining on my dusty, packed, keyboard case. I opened it up, cleaned it, plugged it in, and turned it on. I looked at it for a minute and after that, Thehra was the first thing that I played, and I’ve never stopped since.", Lakshay recalls.