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News |  25 Sep 2020 11:45 |  By RnMTeam

Singer Shannon K shares some interesting anecdotes from her shooting in Jaipur

MUMBAI: Shannon K, a globally renowned singer who is riding high on the success of her latest song “Run” shares some anecdotes and her behind the scene experience while shooting “Run”.

“During the filming of the music video, I remember we were heading up to the Fort and we had to climb up to the top of the hill. As the camera rolled and I started to act I guess I got a bit too enthusiastic that I completely forgot where I was and my foot slipped. In that split second I had my entire life flash infront of my face and I actually thought I was going to meet Jesus but luckily I survived” says Shannon K.

In a funny incident, Shannon’s younger sister Annabelle who is the director and the creator of the entire video had a great fall and Shannon however couldn’t stop laughing “We were heading towards the location in Jaipur and my sister literally fell face flat on the ground twice. It was hilarious but I had to control my laughter because she was crying and also had to direct me so I wasn’t about to lose my life over that, hahahaha”

Shannon describes the song “Run” as her personal interpretation of self-confidence and dreams. She highlights the message of diversity and encourages people to be proud of their skin colour and ethnic roots.