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News |  07 Jul 2020 16:55 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Nepotism cannot affect your growth and career: Thomson Andrews

MUMBAI: Multi-lingual Indian playback singer-actor Thomson Andrews feels differently about the word nepotism. He questions, “Why is the word so demonized off late?”

Thomson feels people who are at the top positions do have preferences towards particular people they wish to work regularly with, call it a click, a group, a clan of sorts. However, this is pure human behavior and has been prevalent since ages, across industries, even with close friends and family. It’s a comfort level and trust they share within these preferred relations for whatever reasons best known to them, be it a business or personal decision.

“I strongly feel talent should never be suppressed. Every artist, whether having a Godfather/Mentor in the music industry or not, must have their own individual vision for themselves as artists, instead of relying on their agents or managers”.

“Nobody can believe in your potential as passionately as you yourself can”, expressed the singer. “The world is a very big place and if you feel that one door is closed, there are several others. Artists must learn to create opportunities for themselves, Ideate, be practical, resourceful, realistic and aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Once you start believing in yourself, you find an endless drive, optimism & positivity to explore every aspect of you and that’s when any form of nepotism or favoritism doesn’t affect your growth & career”.

Thomson advises every person across any field of work to never give anyone so much power to de-value or dim your shine. People who suppress people, do it as a result of their insecurity. You may be a possible competitor or threat to their cushioned world.

Further, he shares his belief in pure talent, surpassing any referrals, preference based double standards. Pure recommendations can’t withhold the credibility of an artist, it’s his/her talent that creates their value and mark.

“We all want to pass on our legacy to our kids, siblings, families, that’s not the bad part of nepotism, that’s just life as we’ve known it to be since decades”, concluded Thomson.

Thomson Andrews recently made his debut as an anchor though his music travel show "Royal Stag Hungama Music Bus'' travels and experiences music and more across India with the country’s biggest Music Icons in a six-episode series airing June 30th - July 5 on Showbox Channel.