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News |  29 Feb 2020 19:36 |  By Minal Owal

The life of a personalized candid love story song is much longer than that of a commercial song : Vishal Punjabi

MUMBAI: Vishal Punjabi is a renowned artist pre-dominantly known for producing and directing Wedding films. The artist is not just a CEO of a wedding film company (The Wedding Filmer) but is also known for making weddings a soulful occasion which will remain picturized for years in one's memory.

Every wedding film has a candid story to it and what could be better than a song giving personalized touch which portrays the whole love journey of a couple. The life of that song is much longer than that of a commercial song.

In conversation with Vishal about his musical journey, he shared a ton of information, he mentioned his love for music. Since childhood, the fascination for good music has been instilled into him, as his mother is also a musician the taste in good music developed over time in him. 

In conversation about his inspiration for creating music for weddings Vishal added, “I started filming weddings, not with an intention to make music. I was filming my first ever Punjabi wedding and heard a grandmother sing Din Shagna Da in the background, I tried to use the voice, giving it a personal touch with few add-ons but when I put the song with video, it went super viral and suddenly all the brides were planning their bridal entries to this song. That's when the journey of creating music for weddings started.”

Further, Vishal mentioned his source of ideas to create those songs and he says, “I get ideas from the bride and groom and their love story. Their love story inspires me the most, as no two are the same stories hence no two songs are ever the same. The culture they come from and the language that they speak,  has a big play on the music and lastly the kind  of wedding that they are going to do grand or small, in a palace or beside the beach I think each location and each personality renders the song differently and we consider all of these extremities before making a song.”

”Vishal is hoping to create a music label with singers, musicians, and producers, where they can create life-changing music for the society and it can influence pop culture in India. Right now he feels it's the only Bollywood that's releasing music and weddings are not just about Bollywood music, it's about people from all cultures coming together when it comes to marriages or weddings as it happens to be a social get together.

"With our influence and by making and playing our original compositions for the bride and grooms at all the weddings, people will get aware globally, about the different cultures in India. Indians around the world will play a big role in influencing people," Vishal added further.

Stay tuned as Vishal has a lot of good music in his pipeline also he is recently collaborating with Hari and Sukhmani.