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News |  13 Dec 2019 17:28 |  By RnMTeam

RJ Raunac stunned by words of this lawyer

MUMBAI: Rj Raunac aka Baua has won over millions of hearts with his classic sense of humour, but here is a contradiction where he speaks about the most sensitive topic that’s being discussed widely around the country these days.

The Nirbhaya case that happened at Delhi in 2012 the assaulters of the case is declared to be hanged. But now after the Hyderabad case local people have raised a question, will hanging the assaulters give justice to the ones who have suffered?

After the decision Nirbhaya Case convict Akshay has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court, citing that why hang him when his life span is going to be short even otherwise, due to Delhi's severe air pollution.

Rj Raunac had a conversation with Akshay’s lawyer Dr A.P Singh Advocate on Red FM 93.5 and asked him few questions.

Watch here:

When RJ Raunac asked the lawyer where did he get this idea from to submit a petition in the court here is what he said, “life span of a person has decreased as compared to that of the people from ancient days so now that the lifespan is already decreasing and the environment in Delhi is so polluted and its dangerous living in a nation where Mahatma Gandhi has said hanging someone is a violence.”

Rj Raunac further asked, “how these incidents are connected to the victims and wasn’t what they did considered to be as violence?” and the lawyer added, “What they did was violence but they are uneducated and we being educated should understand what punishment is deserved by the assaulters.”

While answering back to this statement RJ Raunac said, “the people opposing them can also say that if the victims are about to die because of the pollution and the contaminated water let them be hanged and die before that in peace and is it that the sayings of Gandhi should only be followed by us and not by them? and so on.”

 He ended on a note saying the argument made no sense and was illogical.