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News |  23 Jul 2021 13:44 |  By Tolika Yeptho

RJ Raunac: I have chosen to become Covid-Warrior

MUMBAI: “I look Covid-19 as a speed breaker in our life”, said Asia’s top RJ Raunac aka Bauaa.

Radioandmusic got in touch with RJ Raunac to know about his initiative to raise funds for Covid patients to regular workshops for frontline warrior’s mental well-being and how he always uses media for the betterment of the country and society. RJ also emphasised on his journey and his initiation to ‘Bauaa Cares’.

Share with us your journey as RJ for over 15 years?

Journey of 15 years was so amazing. Somebody said that “If you work what you love, you will not have to work a day in life” this is proved right in my case. I always tried to add new flavours in Radio which can make us joyful and thoughtful too. Yes! Gradually I could become Asia’s most followed Radio personality RJ Raunac, popularly known as Bauaa. 30% of the population listens to Bauaa. This is the most popular line you all remember “Namaste Uncle Me Bauaa Bol Raha Hu…”

By the grace of God, I became the most downloaded, most watched, most shared and most engaging Radio Jockey. I worked to develop my voice, make your head turn, my jokes make your jaw hurt. You can hear me speak on Neta or Abhineta, cricket or movie tickets, basically anything to everything that either affects the common man or interests him. I haven’t made myself limited only to Radio Jockey but also Entertainer, Prankster, Actor, Anchor and Brand Ambassador. Not only that, I also became a social media Influencer, Social Entrepreneur, TV Anchor, Brand Promoter, Philanthropist, Audio Storyteller, Event Host and the most important; Spiritual Seeker.

I think Lord selected me to inspire 5 million+ Youth of International Geography Audience and for becoming the reason for 2 Trillion + Smiles. I supported 100+ Social Awareness Campaign, 50+ Branding Campaign. On social media I have 8 Million + Followers. I Hosted in 5+ TV Shows. As a Social Entrepreneur I am engaged in Ground level activities for supporting Youth and Farmers of Bharat through his Mission named “Bharat is Best”. This Impacted 7+ million Indians around the world. Team BIB is associated with 18+ innovative Indian farmers. BIB covered stories from 11 states of India. Team BIB could create livelihood for 30+ people.

I host the morning show on Red FM’s New Delhi Radio station. My show “Fun ki baat” is one of his popular shows which is aired on Zee News. I hosted Sunday Dhamal with WWE India on Ten Sports, Dilli Darling on Zee Entertainment, 'Paisa Vasool Entertainment with Kapil Sharma and RJ Raunac’, Cricket Sirf Cricket- Red Podcasts, Bauaa Apple Podcast which was the most downloaded Show of 2018, RedFM- The Podcast Hour, Spotify and many more. I have run campaigns like "Dilli Deke Dekho- Plasma Donation Campaign, Traffic Campaign, Mother’s Day 'Ab Watan Dabayega Button’, Cauvery Calling - Action Now! Paani Yaad Dila denge, Hava me Maza lene arah ahi Bauaa, Rail Bana denge, Sau Ho Ya Hazaar Nepal Ko Do Apni Ek Din Ki Pagaar’ Nepal earthquake relief fund "Bajao For a Cause”, I personally visited Nepal to witness the ground situation.

For all of these, Almighty showered on me with many awards like 2013 “RJ of the year” for his impression of an irritating kid, Golden Mikes 2014 'RJ of The Year' , ‘Media Ratna Award’ (2014) for his entertaining and humorous shows, Best Radio Personality (2015), Best Radio Sparkler (2016), 2017-Excellence In Radio Award , New York Festivals 2017 Radio Award,Best Internet Radio Promotion for Self was awarded to RJ Raunac’s Social Experiment (2018), "Radio Connex Best Rj North Zone (2018),Gold award for Best Online Campaign (2019),Promax Digital Reinvent Awards- Category: Digital Influencer of the Year (2020)

My show on YouTube Channel; Fun Tantra RJ Raunac provides you a short news format covering current issues with a touch of satire and entertains the viewers, Run Tantra on channel RJ Raunac NO-PO. Even cricketers like to watch this show.

On my YouTube Channel RJ Raunac Movie Reviews, with innovative ways of reviewing series, movies with combination of RJ Raunac and Bauaa's voice, it also became a unique attire for introducing the concepts, suspense of movies, role played by actors and the message given by film or web series. The most exciting thing is; these all channels are trending on YouTube.

You started some initiative to raise funds for Covid patients to regular workshops for frontline warrior’s mental well-being, what are your plans for the second phase of COVID?

I have also chosen to become Covid-Warrior. During this tough time, I had interviews with experts and became a bridge between people and experts. I initiated ‘Bauaa Cares’ for preventing and curing Covid through online consulting by Doctors. Nearly 2000 people had taken this advantage. We also distributed Biryani as a token of love to Covid warriors working in Hospitals.

I always used my talent for the cause, I always used the media for the betterment of the country and society as a whole. I am on a mission to prove that if we use the media positively then we can make a big difference.

For the second wave, we will have to prepare ourselves. Prevention is better than cure. We have already planned to conduct online interviews of doctors to take their advice on how we can prepare ourselves for the second wave and if second wave comes and people suffer from it then my team will again do online consulting for people.

Radio stations have moved on a work from home pattern, how are you dealing with it, share with us your experience?

I think there are pros and cons of everything, Work from home has been adopted currently majorly due to the current situation of Covid-19. I was fine with it. Now our office has started. In my opinion, we can’t work efficiently from home, it is my experience, the office has its own importance, it gives you the environment to work.

During this crucial time “What are your motivational thoughts to the people who are demotivated”

I look Covid-19 as a speed breaker in our life, it is not an end. Speed breakers help in avoiding accidents. I think we were running very fast, we needed to be stopped. I think this time stopped us from traveling outside the home but it gave us a chance to travel inside ourselves. Yes, of course, many people got affected due to Covid but we can fight with it coming together. Nobody can motivate you in life, if it is so, it will work temporarily only. Self-motivation is the only key in life.