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News |  13 Aug 2019 18:14 |  By RnMTeam

Zeek fulfilled my wish of creating a relaxed, melodic version of 'Tu Mila To Haina' with original vibe retained: Amaal Mallik

MUMBAI: One of Amaal Mallik’s Bollywood compositions, Tu Mila To Haina has been remixed by ZEEK, who has also worked with the composer on the original number.

Speaking about his experience of working with ZEEK on the remix version of Tu Mila To Haina, Amaal says, “I always wanted a version to this song with something that’s more relaxing and melodic, retains the vibe of the original but has newer elements and DJ Zeek has achieved that. He is a very talented producer.”

“When we were working on the original song, Tu Mila To Haina, I had no idea that I’d ever be remixing this one, though I always wanted to remix one of his songs because they are so melancholic, soul driven and perfectly crafted with every detail of sound. It’s truly a blessing to watch him work. I'm so grateful for getting an opportunity to work with Amaal Mallik,” exclaims ZEEK.

He further adds on what led to the discovery of the fresh tuned used in the revamp version, “One random day I opened my computer and stumbled upon Arijit's voice of Tu Mila To Haina and randomly ended up playing the piano, which you hear in the intro and from there on this remix was born.”

“Over the years of really exploring sounds, few instruments really touched my heart like a ‘Cello’ or a ‘Sarangi’. Since I come from a DJ’ing world, so always wanted to blend the electronic world with our Indian sounds and somehow keep it fresh to the listeners’ ears. I knew that I didn’t want to change the soul that Amaal had created. Hence, I chose a very minimal pallet of sounds. Arijit Singh voice, heart-felt singing and Amaal’s melody is what truly makes this song what it is,” ZEEK further shares.

Amaal is quite smitten by ZEEK’s approach towards creating new sounds. On this, he comments, “He has previously produced music for few of my songs as well. I like his approach to music; it’s very heartfelt and basic, and never trying to prove a point. This is the magic a musician should have, which he has.”

Lastly, on the response received by the remix version, Amaal exclaims, “The response has been incredible; I never knew people would give so much love to our version. It was trending on twitter for hours and it feels good that we tried something new sound wise.”

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