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News |  11 Nov 2016 19:31 |  By Mallika Deb

If I wasn't making music, I'd be making food: Arfaaz, Fuzzy Logic

(Image courtesy: Arfaaz's Facebook)
(Image courtesy: Arfaaz's Facebook)

Mumbai: Arfaaz Kagalwala, better known as Fuzzy Logic, performed in Mumbai recently and his sound did ooze from the space between spirit and soul. Do you know that before he wanted to be a musician he wanted to become an engineer? According to him, his score wasn’t good enough so he studied commerce, which he hated eventually!

After several corporate jobs for about six years and despite the fact he was earning a good amount of money, he was uninspired. 2010 is the moment in time when he made up his mind up to make a living out of music.

"It's been a roller coaster ride since then but I enjoy the struggle and I enjoy the rush," said Arfaaz who kick-started his India tour from 4 November 2016.

On 4 November 2016, Arfaaz performed at antiSOCIAL, Mumbai which was a preview of his new EP, ‘Mrs You’ along with two other amazing fresh acts by Else if and Worms' Cottage.

In a conversation with, while talking about his effortless blend of music Arfaaz said, “I don’t think too much. I’m just trying to figure it out for myself honestly. I could throw a bunch of words around like deep, tech house etc. that could give you some direction but I am inspired by a lot of different music, and what I end up committing to really just depends on my current state of mind."

The genre electronic is vast; however, Arfaaz’s approach of fusing various elements and styles is smooth and eases one’s mind as it is toned down with rich vocals and cinematic strokes. He is one of those music producers of new age who got some neat sounds in there.

This is one his live performances which is our favourite:

We asked him about his artistic route of act and distinctiveness about his sound, he explained, “Trentemoller, Modeselektor, Fourtet, Apparat are some of the biggest influences on my current sound. It’s about making mistakes and finding moments of immense joy in the expression of your ideas. Even though, perhaps, no one understands what you’re trying to say sometimes. I assume it’s different for different people. I can just say for myself that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Arfaaz declares that he is very thoughtful and if he wasn’t making music he’d be making food. He said he loves herbs and believes in their healing properties too. “I like animals more than humans and I have a short temper,” added he.

While talking about his upcoming projects sole element of Fuzzy Logic, Arfaaz Kagalwala, said he is in India for a month-long tour of gigs across major cities. “This will be to preview my new EP, ‘Mrs You’, as well as to promote my crowd funded stop-motion music video for ‘Pretty Child’, which will be showcased at TEDx Delhi on 27 November and releasing online on 1 December 2016.”

In addition, he said that Blue Frog in Mumbai and Counter Culture in Bangalore were his favourites among others as live music venues in India. “Both venues don’t exist anymore. antiSOCIAL in Mumbai was really amazing and it was my first time playing at the venue last weekend. Magnetic Fields and NH7 and Ziro are great festivals to perform or attend and they have been instrumental in developing the scene,” he added further.

This is going to be rich pickings for those who desire to witness Fuzzy Logic aka Arfaaz’s live act, as he will be performing at S Cafe and Bar (Chandigarh) on 19 November, at Bandstand (Delhi) on 24 November, at Escobar (Mumbai) on 25 November, and at High Spirits (Pune) on 2 December 2016.

Check out Fuzzy Logic’s ‘Guerilla Monsoon’ which is the title track of his second EP ‘Guerilla Monsoon’.