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News |  24 Oct 2016 16:36 |  By Mallika Deb

It takes a long time to make music that record labels want to buy: Nicholson

(Image Courtesy: Neville Sukhia)
(Image Courtesy: Neville Sukhia)

MUMBAI: Nicholson, the live electronica project comprising singer-songwriter Sohrab Nicholson and producer/drummer and multi-instrumentalist Rohan Ramanna is an amalgamation of electronic-organic music based out of Mumbai.

Nicholson recently performed at Raasta, Khar on 30 September 2016 for Baleno Wicked Weekends party, which is India's longest party marathon. The electro-organic duo will be performing at Bacardi NH7 Weekender on 6 November 2016 at Hyderabad.

Many people do not know that Sohrab and Rohan grew up together, both love animals and both have several pets. Rohan has also DJ’ed in a band earlier. While talking about their collaboration, Sohrab says they hail from a similar background. “I think that is how our parents have raised us both - we have sort of grown up together; although we actually got together three years ago.”

“As a band, we just grew up with music! One of us decides to produce and other one sings, that’s how we work. How we jam. Between travelling, playing I am directing music and everything,” adds Rohan.

Both say almost the same thing when asked them about the genre they specialise in. According to Rohan, they don’t actually have a genre as such, it’s something they enjoy and want people to enjoy too. “It’s really not into any genre category as of now! However, we do like Electronic music and Jazz,” says Rohan.

As the genre of Electronic is vast, Sohrab thinks they are just so much inspired beyond electronic music, and they feel the surge too. He thinks that everyone has a unique voice and plays their music their own way. “We kind of keep trying new things, different genres. So it’s like exploring new fusions in music. Unique is your style! Ours is more common with EDM culture in India is growing, but we try to stand out!” shares Sohrab while talking about experimenting various styles n elements in their music.

Rohan says that in the last two and a half years they haven’t really been around in the industry to get cosy with labels. Also, they haven’t really got a chance yet. “It takes a long time to make something that record labels want to buy. For us, it's long time ahead I guess,” he adds.

While talking about Independent artists, the music scene in India and how that’s helping them as electronic music producers, Rohan says, “Right now the scene is going huge, culture of live shows, people going gaga over DJs, we are just getting there. More people know about music, it’s getting better I think. People now understand music more deeply, with different genres and bands so much around. It’s a great opportunity for talents like us, hitting the right chord at right time."

Both of them are fond of (Mash mania) Electronic battles. While Electronic trail from Link, Lorena Vaaz are on top of Rohan’s playlist.

The duo is planning for an upcoming album and couple of collaborations (with whom they didn’t mention). “Upcoming album pretty much takes our major time. We are in the pre-recording stage right now." Sometime in the next six all they will let on.

Nicholson will act at Bengaluru's very own music festival in 'Echoes of Earth' that is scheduled for the 26 and 27 November 2016 at Embassy International Riding School, Bengaluru.