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News |  20 Nov 2015 16:26 |  By RnMTeam

Nikhil D'Souza's next EP to be released internationally in February 2016

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter-guitarist Nikhil D’Souza has finally edged into the international music scene with his latest track- ‘Easy To Love’. The song was featured on VH1’s TV Series ‘Couple Therapy’ a few days ago, much to his astonishment. The news comes after D’Souza told, earlier this year, that he was writing and recording in Nashville, US. At that time he was trying to get through labels, TV and films with the help of a publisher, and now has made it.

“My publisher there had been trying to pitch my songs for films and TV shows. A few days ago I received a call that ‘Couple Therapy’ was using one of my songs, and then it was on the show. It all happened really fast. The song clicked with people and they started looking out for it online. However, we had not yet put it online, so we are working towards making it available,” said the indie singer. He added that the version that featured on ‘Couple Therapy’ was not the complete track, but was a more basic version of it.

Explaining the song, D’Souza said that ‘Easy To Love’ is about companionship and also about two imperfect people who just fit right together. A lyric version of the track is currently available on YouTube.

D’Souza is currently also working on an EP that as part of his international work. The EP will be released sometime in February next year. The singer revealed that he has managed to produce 27 songs over a period of two and a half years with help of other writers in Nashville. But for now, he will only be releasing five songs, which will be included on his upcoming EP.

Speaking about the yet untitled EP, the ‘Lip to Lip’ singer said, “It is more about relationships, love and the honest feeling that comes along on a personal level.” The other songs might appear on an album, but he has not decided that yet.

The first song from the EP will be ‘Simple Kind Of Love’, and it is about how simplicity lets a relationship grow and how complicating things can spoil it all, and ‘Beautiful Mind’ will be the follow track. D’Souza revealed that both tracks will be released together, most likely in February.

While he still has to decide the other three tracks, he did say that all the songs from the EP will be released on iTunes, and a few other platforms that he is still working on. It will also have a supporting tour in the US which could be extended to UK.

Meanwhile, Kunal Kohli Productions’ ‘Phir Se’ will see D’Souza’s next song release in Bollywood.