| 27 Mar 2023
Zee Americas to enter in Radio and Event Management

MUMBAI: Zee Networks America will soon venture into radio and event management after firmly rooting themselves into television. Initially, the services will start in the top five South Asian designated market areas (DMA) with a respective business head presiding over each of these verticals.

Speaking on the venture, Zee Americas Business Head Sameer Targe said, "As a market leader we have to constantly reinvent and redefine our value proposition to our consumers. We have been looking at need gaps and the two most visible opportunities sprung up that matched our strengths. A strong 55 per cent of South Asians use personal transport five times a week for an average of 28 minutes per day, either for work or leisure and a strong 27 per cent of South Asian women are non-working (Stay at home) at any given point in time but do not have access to good Indian RJs. Of the 600 plus, small and large South Asian events that take place in USA, only a handful manage to put up a good show and attract a couple of blue chip sponsors."

Since 1998, Zee TV, in addition to being synonymous with entertainment, has also become an ambassador of Indian culture abroad. According to US ratings firm Nielsen, a typical South Asian viewer spends an average of two hours and 13 minutes per day watching Zee TV.