| 19 Jul 2024
This year 'Music Boutique' would release 25 non-film songs: Shamir Tandon

MUMBAI: Music Director Shamir Tandon’s company, Music Boutique is all pepped up with its upcoming projects. With many of their ongoing projects like One Plus Playback, they have a lot in store.

Shamir Tandon elaborates on this, “This year we will be releasing a whopping 25 non-film songs. For example, in our new property, One Plus Playback we will have ten original tracks. There are other tracks, which we will be releasing on some other platform. Soon, we will be talking about a platform, which we’ll create with some another partner.”

In talks about releasing 25 non-film tracks, Shamir generalizes what he thinks about growing independent music, “All over the world, except India, it’s all about non-film music. In our country, we have a robust film industry, which is film music. It’s fantastic and I not only love it but have also worked for a lot of films. There are two reasons to have independent music. Firstly, there are only a handful of films that release, every year that has very less music as the requirement of film music is becoming less. Secondly, many artists want to express their own music, which doesn’t necessarily fit in a film environment. And hence, it is very important for a platform to do their own kind of music. Therefore, we need to encourage non-film music.”

Briefing on what led to the idea of Music Boutique, Tandon told, “Till 2006, I was running Virgin EMI Records in India as its country head. I have worked in a couple of films as a Director, while I was doing my job. I then thought of doing my own music as a composer in about 2004-2005. For films like Page 3, Corporate, Traffic Signal, Jail we got national awards. After this, I got extremely excited, so I quit my job and thought of doing music full time. When I was doing music full time, I then got an offer from a company called ‘Mauj’; I was consulting with them for music rights acquisition. But in parallel, I continued my work for film music, non-films and jingles.”

 “Later I got an offer from Universal Music as a repertoire consultant. We were just part-time consultants while I was doing all of this. I used to get a lot of work to create albums for people, a studio in Kenya. Doing all of this I realized I should start my own company rather than just spend my life as a consultant to people and that’s where I floated in 2011 my company called the Music Boutique,” he added.

After starting Music Boutique, Shamir had a lot planned on the platter. He revealed, “With an existence from 2010-2011, we started doing interesting things that included content creation for digital space in music. We were the first movers and the first in that space because ‘My Song My Story’ happened. This is where we created 100 hrs of content for Airtel, where we had 75 leading singers across the country, who came to my studio and spoke directly to fans, one on one.”

“Apart from multiple concerts that we did for big artists like Shaan, Mika, Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal, Shubha Mudgal, Sonu Nigam in various parts of the world, we also did some international collaborations with artists like Enrique. Also, we created an album of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at that time when he was not that popular. We also got India’s first Transgender Six Pack Band. We got a lot of recognition from the world through this particular band. Also our property One Plus Playback wherein a span of three to four months we will release ten non-film original music singles. So the first single was Guru Randhawa’s Ishaare Tere. We are releasing one song every fortnight,” added Tandon.

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In terms Music Boutique and it's challenging Shamir shares, “I seem quite fortunate that I have not had many challenges but yes the growth has been steady, year on year and our basic competence is that we believe in creating good music. We are not just working with popular artists but also upcoming and YouTube sensations like Dhvani Bhanushali. We are happy that the property is also identifying and nurturing new talent.”