| 18 Jul 2024
Shemaroo Entertainment launches HariOm an all-inclusive Hindu devotional app

MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, the leading content provider for television and digital ecosystem launches ‘HariOm’ app, a one-stop shop for all your devotional and religious needs. In today’s day and time when we are constantly on the go, running errands and chasing deadlines, one struggles to practice their faith and traditions.  The HariOm app is a much-needed digital alternative to connect people with their faith and engage with their community. 

Apart from access to well curated devotional music and video content the app enables consumers to book a host of religious services. Whether it is a Ganesha pooja before the commencement of something new, Satyanarayan pooja for familial harmony or a Mahamrityunjaya Jaap, all require elaborate preparations. NOW, with HariOm, one can just select a Pooja online and everything else will be taken care of.  Another unique offering is that it facilitates delivery of prasad at your doorstep from temples across the length and breadth of the country. Additionally, the consumers can view live telecast of aarti’s through the day from the most revered shrines like Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai and Karnimata in Bikaner, get access to the discourse from top spiritual gurus like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Shree Shree Ravi Shankar, Brahma Kumari’s.  All this and much more merely a click away from your phone.  

Commenting on the launch, Shemaroo Entertainment Limited director Hiren Gada shared, “Our endeavour from the past two years has been to create services and properties that reflect the passion of the emergent digital audience. HariOm, as the name signifies, is an app catering to the Hindu faith which promises to give an authentic devotional experience almost close to what one would experience at a temple, in the confines of your house or on the go. We at Shemaroo also own one of the largest library of devotional and spiritual content and would hence power the audio and video content on the app.  However, its most compelling feature is the delivery of prasad from the most popular shrines to people’s doorsteps. This all-inclusive app will not just help consumers discover religious and spiritual content of their choice but also offer a whole host of services in perfect synchrony to their needs.”

Devotional content is one of the most popular categories of content in India and Shemaroo Entertainment is one of the biggest aggregators and distributors of it. With its rich and diverse devotional catalogue, Shemaroo is present on YouTube, key DTH channels and OTT players. HariOm will bring the gamut of services on one destination currently only for Android users. 

Some of the key services that HariOm offers its subscribers are:

Order Prasad Online

Enjoy and share the blessings of God without travelling miles. A premium service, that lets you order prasad from the popular temples across the country.

Online Pooja

There are different poojas done for different occasions. So, whether it is Ganesha pooja before the commencement of something new, Satyanarayan pooja for familial harmony or a Mahamrityunjaya Jaap, all require elaborate preparations and to peak, it all, booking a pandit. With HariOm, all you need to do is select the Pooja and everything else will be taken care of.

Live Darshan

Live Darshan gives the opportunity to watch 24x7 live telecasts of temples like Mahalakshmi and ISKCON temple in Mumbai, Karni Mata in Bikaner and key temples from Ashtavinayak on your mobile phone. So, watch live telecast from temples across the country on your mobile handsets, anywhere, anytime.


Helps to follow the path of peace and make a difference to one’s life with the teachings of some of the Top Gurus like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Shree Shree Ravishankar and Brahma Kumaris. 

Astrology and Panchang

Brings you what the stars have in store for you with your daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes. Also, the auspicious times of the day with daily Panchang.

Audio and Video content

Begin your mornings with devotional music and videos. Also, discover the history and little-known secrets of the most renowned temples in the country.