Biz  |  28 Apr 2021

The Future of Indian Independent Music Industry

Indi Pop – Indie – Independent – the three avatars of what we call in India as non-film or non-Bollywood music.

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Entertainment  |  29 May 2013

Gaurav Shah: "Indian bands have the potential to make an impact globally"

With India slowly opening up to consume newer forms of music and acknowledge the independent music scene, emerging talents in the space are getting a...

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Entertainment  |  18 May 2013

The democratization of independent music

Radio City digital media & new business SVP & business head Rachna Kanwar sheds light on the changes in the industry and the road map for...

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Entertainment  |  17 May 2013

Remo: "Without originality or individuality, an artist is photocopier at best"

Multi-lingual and instrumentalist Remo Fernandes has worn many musical hats throughout his career. Born 8 May, 1953 in Goa, Fernandes was a...

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Entertainment  |  26 Apr 2013

Gary Lawyer: In India, the system to support musicians and artists is still not in place

Gary Lawyer, a name synonymous with old- school rock, smoldering crooning, a never-say-die spirit and one of the country’s genuine rock stars who can...

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Biz  |  26 Apr 2013

Copyright Amendment Act won't benefit indie acts: Rahul Ram

MUMBAI: Unlike their Bollywood counterparts, the country’s indie artists are unlikely to reap any benefit from the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012...

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Photos  |  08 Mar 2013

Memories of Indian Ocean

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Biz  |  09 Jan 2013

Looking Back: Was 2012 good for Indie music?

MUMBAI: Indie music made its presence felt significantly in 2012. The year witnessed a slew of festivals promoting indie acts and there was a...

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Biz  |  04 Jan 2013

Farhad Wadia: "Live music industry needs a reality check"

I-Rock founder and E-18 CEO Farhad Wadia: Current Live Music Scenario: The supposedly burgeoning live concerts are not as healthy as many promoters...

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Biz  |  03 Jan 2013

Soumini Sridhara Paul: "Artist Aloud will continue to innovate"

As pioneer digital platform Artist Aloud (AA) nears its third anniversary, it has succeeded in establishing itself as a byword for the country’s...

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Entertainment  |  16 Aug 2012

Vishal Dadlani: "Every composer in bollywood has emerged from indie music"

MUMBAI: Although Indian music scene has largely been dominated by mainstream commercial bollywood music, independent music is gradually evolving and...

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