Entertainment  |  01 Apr 2020

A Band of Boys release new song from home amid quarantine

MUMBAI: Members of the popular boy band "A Band of Boys" have composed, recorded and a released a song titled "Yaari" from home amid the nationwid

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Entertainment  |  17 Apr 2018

Everything that Bollywood does is a wash, rinse and repeat of Hollywood: Sherrin Varghese

MUMBAI: Finding his own way, Indipop singer, Sherrin Varghese has created an identity for himself with his independent style of music.

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Entertainment  |  27 Jan 2016

Gigs have revived 'almost dead indie scene'

MUMBAI: The gig scene, which is becoming huge in India, has pumped up new life into the “almost dead” independent music scene, says Sudhanshu Pande

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Entertainment  |  22 Jan 2016

'A Band Of Boys' returns with minor changes and major promises

MUMBAI: After establishing an unparalleled impact on the music scene in the 2000s, Indian popular boyband ‘A Band Of Boys’ has announced a reunion.

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