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News |  07 Mar 2024 12:10 |  By RnMTeam

PARALINE portray an epic battle between polar opposites in their "Hyperdynamic" music video, EP album 'Sound Weapon' out now!

MUMBAI: (alternative rock) are back with a new music video entitled "Hyperdynamic". This is the third music video from their new EP album Sound Weapon which was recently released on March 1, 2024 via Eclipse Records. The music video was directed by Leo Andersen, and the album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paraline.

"Hyperdynamic” is a strong and balanced track, an uncompromisingly powerful wall of sound.” says lead vocalist Leo Andresen. “This song encompasses all the strong aspects of our sound at the moment, serving as both a personal manifesto and a guide to our philosophy on life. For many of our close friends, this song is a cherished favorite and it was important for us to celebrate it with a music video. It was a challenging task - to visually reinforce and even amplify the song’s dynamics, so I’ll let you be the judge if we managed to achieve this.” Lead guitarist Kirill Langley continues, “We always push ourselves to the limit. We try to do something interesting and unusual, something no one has ever done before, and something that we will be proud of years from now. We greatly appreciate the people who love our music, and we give it our all to surprise and impress them. We want listeners to have a great time with Paraline and experience real emotions! In that sense, "Hyperdynamic" stands as a captivating piece of work. And I believe this video brings us closer to our listeners and alternative rock fans worldwide - by showing them something they haven't ever seen before.” Bassist Alex Shustoff adds, “Each music video we make becomes increasingly difficult, and the filming of ‘Hyperdynamic’ was exceptionally demanding. Like any other creative endeavor, it was a voluminous and multi-layered process: preparation, execution, walking a path that neither you nor any of your acquaintances have walked before. At the same time, it is a very fulfilling process. You have to figure everything out, become an engineer, a pyrotechnician, or a stunt performer in one day with no chance for mistakes. Such challenging tasks and stress really develop you, and you learn something new every time and become morally and physically stronger...or you break, there's no other option. You rarely think about this as a viewer, but now I'm on the other side of the curtain, and I can say that not everyone can handle it. But when you see the result, these songs and these videos - it's incredibly cool. I can't wait to perform this live now!”
The new EP titled Sound Weapon by alternative rock band Paraline is a battle cry straight from the soul. Packed into a military box featured on the album cover, this "weapon" thematically explores the glory and tragedy of mirrored duality through its music: parallel lines symmetrically perfect yet never connecting, like the brothers in the band. Musically, the groove is the key to the cages of the lockup, and it was recently released on March 1, 2024. The regal guitars open the war-chest, and the vocals are a smooth and lustrous searchlight chasing fear to the shadows and demons back into their snake pits. Plainly, the band takes rock music to a new level. The lyrics, interpreted literally, explore the chains and shackles of society, friends gone wrong, politics and relationships, and denials leading to emptiness. Moreso, however, this album is an epic example of what is most coveted in any art form. Sound Weapon is a sketchbook for the listener’s past and a launching pad for unrequited, bold imagination. Whether you see heaven, cold hell, the dazzling skin of the sun, or a sinister mist underneath a low moon, this record paints pictures that celebrate your journey and make your mystery rich and immortal. Now it is your turn to find out - what is in the box.

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Paraline discography
Sound Weapon (EP) - 2024
Apocalypse Now (single) - 2021
Time Has Gone Too Far (single) - 2019
The Fall (single) - 2019
The One (single) - 2019
Demonstration Record (EP) – 2017

Paraline lineup
Leo "Light" Andersen (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Kirill Langley (Lead Guitar), Alex Shustoff (Bass Guitar), Kirill Pargin (Drums)