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News |  16 Oct 2023 11:27 |  By RnMTeam

Gromo taps rapper Chevy Woods (Waka Flocka Flame/Wiz Khalifa collaborator) for bass house/hip-hop hybrid 'The Protagonist'

MUMBAI : Genre-bending DJ, producer, and film enthusiast Gromo wants to show listener’s the depth of his mind.

The New-York based artist has spent his career improving his otherworldly sound and skill set, an eclectic talent informed by a diverse passion for all different kinds of art. He has studied at NYU’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute; traveled the world performing Ultra events in Miami, Europe, and throughout Asia; and collaborated with artists such as pop singer Rhea Raj and producer/singer-songwriter Hush.

Adopted from Guatemala at a young age and raised in New York, Gromo was introduced to an extensive library of music. This early music education allowed him to foster an eclectic music taste and carve out a distinct artistic identity. The muli-facted artist’s love for hard rock and heavy metal acts such as AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Slipknot and System of a Down; gritty 90s New York hip-hop artists such as Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang Clan; dubstep legends like Skrillex; and genre films solidified in him the desire to translate visceral emotions and narratives in his production.

Now, Gromo is revving up toward his debut EP The Vortex - a five-track collection that promises to evolve the producer’s sound into new sonic terrain by imbuing elements of horror and science fiction movies into a deeply personal story. As a result, he’s concocted an immersive, cinematic, genre-traversing EP filled with deep emotional resonance.

Listeners got their first taste of The Vortex with the EP’s self-titled single - an epic, mesmerizing cut inspired by the films of David Cronenberg. The track blends analog synths (specifically the Moog Sub 37 and Moog Grandmother) with sci-fi sonic textures and elements of hip-hop, dubstep, and drum n’ bass.

The single was released alongside a spellbinding short film, created from AI by digital creator Deadhanded, that depicts a dystopian New York City in 2028, when chaos has taken over due to nothing being done to help mental health or addiction.

Today, the artist unveils “The Protagonist,” a high-energy, bass house collaboration with rapper Chevy Woods (who has garnered support from and shared the stage with artists such as Snoop Dogg, ASAP Mob, Joey Bada$$, and was recruited by rapper Wiz Khalifa to join his record label Taylor Gang).

“The Protagonist” is the first collaboration between the two artists, who originally connected during the pandemic to create a trap single. Serving as a seamless bridging of genres, the track combines an infectious four-on-the-floor beat and deep bass wubs with compelling bars from Chevy Woods, a mixture that blurs the lines between hip-hop and bass house.

The track kicks off with eerie, cinematic synth arpeggios and ethereal, backing synth pads before introducing the track’s vocals. Then, it quickly transitions into a hard-hitting bassline accompanied by pulverizing kicks that display Gromo’s penchant for unique sound design - a reflection of his love for tinkering with different synthesizers and musical components to actualize his ideal sonic vision.

“The Protagonist” releases alongside a second short film, created again from AI by digital creator Deadhanded. Diving deeper into the Gromo’s fictional, dystopian society, it shows the various side effects of the world’s drug trade. It calls viewers to think deeply about the legalization of drugs in the United States, and why certain drugs are legal or illegal. Told through kaleidoscopic visuals that pay homage to sci-fi and horror films, the various short videos for The Vortex perfectly complement the artistic world Gromo is creating.