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News |  17 Mar 2023 11:53 |  By RnMTeam

Skinny Local & Cartel Madras deploy a strong, graceful rap with their latest “MMM”

MUMBAI: Making music that’s compelling, employing it deliberately & empowering their audiences with confidence Skinny Local & Cartel Madras seem to have found the secret ingredient of making songs that could last for ages. Sculpting art that’s powerful, churning them out effortlessly shows the potential they possess. Both Skinny Local & Cartel Madras have a swagger that shouts credence through their production and performances.

“MMM” their latest single highlights both of them with Skinny Local’s complex production skills and Cartel Madras’s tang and swagger with the vocals and lyricism. Together the duo have carefully crafted singles that funnel into “hits”. For all the introspection Skinny Boy & Cartel Madras make rap music pretty much widescreen with a war cry like drum beat, distorted electric guitars, meaningful & dynamic lyricism as they sing “I said I wanna meet my maker……..” The song has heavy-flexing in every aspect from the sheer mass of their voice to intricate musical arrangements. There’s a balance between force and delicate ensemble. There’s just simply a gravity there that keeps the sound grounded yet weighted. The song offers rewards with each turn, turning out melodies, joining lines making everything sensible.

Cartel Madras takes no prisoners in this wild, heaving, eastern rap-metal banger. Eboshi says "I chose to delve into the idea of “meeting my maker” to articulate the strange pessimism of the past year everyone was feeling and probably also because I was very angry for a lot of last year." With a huge community of support, notoriously tongue-in-cheek lyricism, fire beats, and a good bit of fun, the team dynamic helps keep Cartel Madras grounded. Skinny Local, a composer based out of Vancouver, BC was determined to create something true to himself, he decided to embrace maximalism and produce music solely based on his instinct.

Together the duo have found the right formula of funneling a hit song. “MMM” sweeps you along with drive and a thematic experience. They zoom in and out with ease, not leaving a stone unturned. A smooth flow from start to end they sound idle and perfect. All the themes are well-worn and well-kept. Paired with a video by Gbohunmi shot in freezing temperatures in a warehouse on the outskirts of Calgary - this song and video are hot with rage, and cold with determination. Says the refrain at the songs end: "i'm just tryin to meet my maker, gimme some blood and sweat for my labour".

Listen to 'MMM' now :