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News |  15 Feb 2021 16:43 |  By RnMTeam

Daniel Weber's new track 'Sorry' from their album 'Wasting Time' releases today

MUMBAI: Musician and entrepreneur Daniel Weber’s association with music dates back to when he was 13. Along with bassist Stephen Tecci, he founded the band, The Disparrows, in 2010 and ever since, there has been no looking back for him. The band has been performing live gigs across the globe. Their first two albums. The Disparrows and Making Others Rich struck a chord with music lovers. And now, Daniel and his band members are all set for their new track Sorry from their third album, Wasting Time, which released today.

Titled Sorry, it is themed on the dynamic that individuals share while in an interpersonal relationship. Talking about the song, the guitarist and vocalist says, “The thought process behind it is the same thought process that a lot of us go through in and out of relationships. In the heat of the moment, we do not think things through and we apologise later but we forget how much impact words have or how hurtful they can be. I think all of us go through it.”

He adds, “We live in a world now where we think that words no longer hold the weight that they do but they actually do especially when we say them to a loved one. The video itself represents the words literally.”

Singer, songwriter and performer Annie Bosko has also lent her vocals in Sorry. The music video features Daniel and Annie and when asked about the process of casting, he says, “Annie Bosko and I have sung on the album. She is a fabulous rock, blues and country singer. I wanted her in the video too because she represents that vocal and she fits the picture perfectly. Much like myself, she has lived through it. So, it was important to have her in there.”

Commenting on his collaboration with James Thomas, Daniel says, “The video is directed by James Thomas from Los Angeles. He had a free will to pick locations fitting the narrative of the video and he did so amazingly. We hope that people love it. It is a very heartfelt, realistic and literal translation of the song.”