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News |  12 Dec 2020 14:16 |  By RnMTeam

Lil Nas X joined Jimmy Fallon's Santa Claus "red-nosed bastard," for a Christmas-themed rap song

MUMBAI: Here's a song that you probably won't be caroling door-to-door anytime soon.

Lil Nas X joined Jimmy Fallon for a Christmas-themed rap song on the Thursday, Dec. 10 episode of The Tonight Show. The music video, which can be seen below, shows Jimmy dressed as a traditional Santa Claus, while Lil Nas X's version features a grill and exposed chest with plenty of bling.

When Jimmy's Santa introduces Lil Nas X as "Santa Nas X," the rapper replies, "Thank you, Santa, my bitch—man, I'm ready to party. And I'm flying in my sleigh while I'm chugging Bacardi. And I got a big bag which you already know. Got a couple candy canes for my ho ho hoes."

Santa replies with a benign verse about his attire, including his black boots, but Santa Nas X isn't having it.

"F--k your black boots, man, I got Jimmy Choos," the "Rodeo" performer sings. "And I got a Lamborghini, just kidding, I got two. I'm decked out in chrome, and I f--k on the daily. I don't give presents, man, I make the kids pay me."

At that, the friendlier Santa is ready to throw in the towel, but Lil Nas X isn't having it.

"Hell, no, you red-nosed bastard, I'm just getting started," the 21-year-old rapper fires back.

He then launches into a section that resembles "Old Town Road" with, "Let's get naughty, turn up the track, grab my sack while I count these stacks. Don't need reindeer, that's a fact. Got my hoes out front and some presents in the back."

Check out the video above, and just don't expect to hear this song covered by Michael Bublé anytime soon.