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News |  21 May 2020 16:50 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Kabir-Athar: 'Dil Haare' is for anyone who has been heartbroken and believes to get over it

MUMBAI: Singer-lyricist-music composer duo Kabir-Athar has added another feather into their cap “Dil Haare” featuring Gitanjali Pathak and music produced by Shaunak Kulkarni under Zee Music Company.

Dil Haare is a means to bounce back to something that didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to and while writing it they’ve realised they’ve been through way worst than before and still managed to come out unbroken as always.

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“This song is for anyone out there who has been heartbroken but deep inside you know you are going to get over it and if you aren’t ready to move on yet pull yourself some wine and listen to ‘Dil Haare’”, said the singer expressing about the song title.

Sharing about his collaboration with Zee Music, the duo exclaimed, “It is great, we did “Hai Alvida” with them and Ankit Tiwari’s ‘Musafir’. This is our sixth official single with Zee Music and its been more than a year working along with them, it’s amazing”.

Describing their style of music, Kabir-Athar is someone who takes more importance on the lyrics, and after its perfect they’ll work on with the melody and so on. In short, they are a poetic pop.

With regard to the current scenario, the singer shares a message to his audience, “The worst is yet to come, we should be prepared for whatever comes our way. Now isn’t the time to forget about humanity, keep everything aside, stand together and help people as much as possible if its within your limit. Cleanliness is also another important factor and keep vigilant on your surroundings”.

The duo unveils about their upcoming collaboration with Zee Music Company, “Tera Banke Rahu”. An urban Punjabi song, electronic, featuring Aishvary shrivastava and rijita singh, music video by director Inder. There’s another amazing upcoming collaboration with Abhay Jodhpurkar titled “Jaan Meri”

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