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News |  02 Apr 2020 15:29 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Each song has a story to unveil: Kabir- Athar

MUMBAI: Singer-music composer duo Kabir-Athar is working on a huge project with a pile of collaborations, the duo who recently gave voice to “Tasveer” under Zee Music Company are back with another three songs which are yet to be released.

The singer unveils the title of the three songs, “Jaan Meri” featuring Abhay Jodhpurkar, “Dil Haare” featuring Gitanjali Pathak in the music video and “Tera Banke Rahu” featuring Aishvary Shrivastava and Ritija Singh.

Sharing the concepts behind these unreleased songs, “All the songs have strong different meanings, “Jaan Meri” is a romantic ballad, “Dil Haare” is a sad version, it is very raw with guitars, drums and boasted flavours. “Tera Banke Rahu” is an electronic number, a Punjabi song with a mix feeling of a sad song and very urban Punjabi”

The singer has a lot of expectations as he has worked even harder than any of his other songs. The singer revealed that all the three music videos have been shot, they are just waiting for the situation to calm down so that they can go ahead with the release.

Speaking about the new unreleased songs the singer exclaimed, “All three songs are different from each other, filled with different kind of emotions. Each song has a story to unveil, I don’t just write for the sake of writing. It has happened to me and I have wrote down based on my experience and inspirations, and different phases of life like heartbreak, love and every other thing”.

The whole world has come to a standstill  due to COVID-19 pandemic, with that the “Hai Alvida” singer expresses his thoughts for his fans, “Be safe, stay home and don’t panic everything will sort out soon”

The “Tasveer” also singer also gave advice to the upcoming singers, "Indie Music is going to grow big in a couple of years so you must focus on your solo, create a YouTube channel and keep updating with new songs. It will happen, the label will come to you just keep working hard. Patience is the key” he adds.