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News |  27 Feb 2017 17:37 |  By RnMTeam

Ankur Tewari launches 'Side B' of double album 'Side A/ Side B'

MUMBAI: After the release of 'Side A' in November 2016, Ankur & The Ghalat Family releases 'Side B' of the double album.

‘Side A/ Side B’ is a collection of songs from the road after Ankur’s debut album ‘Jannat’ released in 2010. The songs are infused with the spirit of friendship and people that inspire him. The album features Karsh Kale, Grain, Sandunes and Zoe Viccaji. 

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Ankur’s songs have simple melodies with lyrics that evoke nostalgia, hope and a desire to stand up and fight for the things you really believe in. After the release of Side A in November, Side B is the second part of the release.

Side B features --

Teri Yaad - It speaks about a forgotten love that has crept its way in through conversations. The sadness from the past threatens to loom again and what was forgotten once. Memories linger and make the nights longer. The song was first performed for The Music Project for Tehelka. It found an instant connect with the audience and has often been covered by budding musicians on YouTube.  It took a few years for the band to record an official studio version. The lilting melody played on a Xylophone gives this song a new flavor.

Dil Haare - When a word comes in about an ex-lover about her whereabouts, life goes into a tizzy. Letters from the past find their way out of the attic. Breaking up doesn’t hurt as much as finding out that your ex-lover is with a new person and is happy in this new life. This bitter sweet ballad has a cello as an accompaniment.

Zalim Alien - Falling in love with an Alien could be very exciting but the distance doesn’t make life easy. Words travel through time and space and take the message of love across. A folk rhythm makes this song put your dancing shoes on. Gaurav Gupta, the lead guitar player in the band had to do a crash course on how to play Mandolin to play the hook line for this song.

Tu Hee Hai - A hummable love song where the girl doesn’t know it as yet but the boy has been looking for her everywhere. There might be other men who might court for her love but he knows that their union is inevitable. This raw strum on a Guitalele with a rock n roll groove gives the song a catchy rhythm.

Har Kissi Ne - This paradoxical love song speaks about a time when all the friends recommend that your new girl is not right for you. The word goes that the new girl has played with the emotions of many men in the past but the heart doesn’t want to listen to the advise and desperately wants to fall in love with the same girl. A minimalist treatment with a sad strain on an electric guitar gives the song a melancholic feel.

Yaaron - The world is made of friends. Life may be full of many distractions but eventually, it’s the friends that make it worth living. This anthem has a sing along impulse with an unusual horn section that adds a new dimension to the sound of the band.

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