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News |  22 Dec 2018 21:50 |  By RnMTeam

Love Me India: Bhoomi Trivedi scores for her team finalists Stuti and Harshita but finds others equally strong

MUMBAI: Love Me India grand finale is all set to take off tomorrow at 7:30 pm and singer Bhoomi Trivedi is quite excited and proud as two of her team contestants will be competing in the final.

Proud captain of East Zone, Bhoomi Trivedi exclaimed, “I am super happy because earlier I had six semi-finalist from my zone and now two finalist Stuti Jaiswal and Harshital Bhattacharya, who will be competing in the finale. The other three captains have got their individual finalists. They all are so talented and it is just that we are fighting against each other in a healthy spirit and that’s how the format is. We respect all the captains, judges and singers, but I would definitely hope that one of the finalist from my team.”

On being asked, whose chance of winning are more between Stuti and Harshita, B hoomi said, “I think both are equally talented and the nation has selected them. I would rather leave it to the people who are watching and voting for these kids.”

“Both Stuti and Harshita have got different voice qualities. I have literally seen them grow, be it the way they perform, the way they present themselves on the stage in front of people and as an individual also. Since, audition days, I have seen positive changes in them and I am really happy and wish the best to these kids, because even their families have struggled a lot to get them where they are today,” she further said.

Bhoomi also had some useful tips for her girls as she said, “I have always told them to keep working and do not expect results because if you focus on the result, your performance will be hindered. I would therefore advice them to take care of their work, be confident and consistent in their performance, be intact and never lose hope. Also, I keep on telling them to always perform as it is their last performance and last chance.”

When asked, who among the other three finalists can be the toughest competitor for her team finalists, the signer said, “I think all are equally tough and I am not even being diplomatic. If you have followed the season, you will know that everybody has performed so well and I am really glad that I was sitting on the judging panel!”

“Anurag, Stuti,Harshita, Faiz and Guru, all five of them have got different voice textures, voice qualities and I think that makes them stand out,” she further added.

She further revealed about the fan following, the kids have, “The whole nation is supporting them and their fans on their respective instagram pages are increasing day-by-day.”

Besides, on her Love Me India journey, she exclaimed, “The journey has been amazing. The way all the contestants came in was great. They all are trained professional singers and their family backgrounds also have a tinch of music. Also, a few kids are literally learned and have so much knowledge about music.”

I think I never had this kind of experience. All these eight years, from being a participant in a music reality show (Indian Idol 2010) to being a captain in another music reality show, the journey has been really wonderful. I have had many mentors and teachers, people who really supported as well as protected me. All of them did one thing in common was they pushed my limits. They made me search my potential and a few things about me in singing, which I had never realised. And that’s what I wanted to do on Love Me India, pour all my experience that I have gathered into these kids.

“It was a learning process for me because all the contestants were either trained or professional singers, coming from a family background having a tinch of music,” she told.

On her team contestants and their bonding throughout the show, Bhoomi revealed, “More than being a captain or teacher, I had to have that ice-breaking moment, wherein I made them my friends and we gelled well. They used to share whatever they had in their mind with me. So, anything they wanted to do from singing, crying or laughing etc., they used to come to me and my job was to make them comfortable up to an extent that they could be themselves.”

Further hinting at the best thing about the music reality show, Trivedi said, “The best part about Love Me India is that it is first ever kids live singing reality show. It was an experience, also, for the kids as they didn’t have any chance of making a mistake, as there was no option of editing or a retake etc. But, they were bang on, so perfect because somewhere in their mind they knew that they will be going live and the whole nation will be watching them singing live. So that confidence they had to face the nervousness and fear made them the best performer according to me. Also, as individuals also, they grew really well. I have had an amazing time with all these kids, from selecting songs with them to making them realise their own potential that they can sing anything they want to. I had to make them get out and eradicate their inhibitions.

Anurag Verma (North Zone) from Navraj Hans’ team (North Zone), Mohammed Faiz from Abhijeet Sawant’s team (West Zone) and Guru Kiran Hegde from Anusha Mani’s team (South Zone) are the other three finalists of Love Me India 2018. India’s first ever live singing kids reality show was hosted by Guru Randhawa, Neha Bhasin and Himesh Reshammiya.

Love Me India finale will be held tomorrow at 7:30 pm only on &TV and Bhoomi Trivedi revealed that she will be performing her latest hit song, Husn Parcham. Well, it will be great to see, who wins the trophy!