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News |  30 Jul 2018 19:12 |  By RnMTeam

Vishal Dadlani collaborates with Diplo and MÏ

MUMBAI: Vishal Dadlani, of the Vishal-Shekhar duo, has collaborated with one of the most well-known beer brand Tuborg for Tuborg OPEN 2.0. A unique collaboration platform, Tuborg OPEN is a space for creativity and discovery, open to all. For Tuborg OPEN 2.0, Vishal has joined hands with American producer Diplo and Danish singer MØ.

The 'cool' composer shared his experience about coming on board with Tuborg OPEN and working with Diplo and MØ to create this unique track, "It's been fairly effortless. I was in London when this conversation came up, so I flew to LA and met up with Diplo. He's a cool guy, we hung out, did a sound bath meditation and talked about music and what we wanted the track to be like. He was very open to my suggestions, and I to his. The Tuborg guys have been great creative partners to have, adding their own layers to the thought-process in a very holistic way, without being traditional ‘clients’. They respect and appreciate a musician's space and thought-process. I think for whatever it's worth, that they're as ‘open to more’ as the collaborators they bring together.”

Vishal continued sharing his inspiration and the role of partnerships in pushing the envelope in the creative space, “For me, music is all about collaboration, whether it be with Pentagram or with 'Vishal and Shekhar’. I've also sung many songs for other composers in the film business, and it's only added to my own knowledge and experience. The best collaborations, though, are those where everyone in the room inspires everyone else to be better. That's what makes new things happen.”

The culture of collaborating with foreign artists has become more popular in recent times. While many of these ventures have worked out well, at times the experiment might have gone and therefore there is always a way of choosing the right collaborator. Vishal remarks, according to his experience, the fundamentals of an ideal creative and musical partner, “Mutual respect, with a happy, stress-free vibe. The ability to put the music above all egos in the room.”

The track for Tuborg OPEN 2.0 should be out in a week’s time and the composer explains why this track is worth looking forward to, “ Well, the fact that it started out with Diplo and Mo, and has gone on to become one that will reach out to India, to begin with. It's also a party starter, with a beautiful intention to it. Diplo and MØ wrote about togetherness and inclusiveness, and my words follow through on that. So, while it's hummable and accessible, it's also one where the lyrics are much needed in a world like ours.”