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News |  06 Jul 2018 18:21 |  By RnMTeam

Mumbai Chi Mulgi completes seven years at Fever FM

MUMBAI: RJ Urmin celebrates a successful run of seven years at Fever 104 FM, a story, indeed, to be proud of. She became a favourite among masses because of her apt understanding of the pulse of Mumbai and Mumbaikars.

On this noteworthy occasion, RJ Urmin says, "I started as an intern at the same radio station and been here for past seven long years. When I look back, I am happy and proud of my journey, to say the least."

Recalling her journey, Urmin reminisces the story behind her pseudo name, Mumbaichi Mulgi, which almost became an epithet post she had taken it up.

She says, “My name is not very radio friendly, considering that the 'N' in the end is always neglected. The talks then started about me taking a completely different name for my shows, which I wasn’t keen about, as I wanted something of my own. At that time, my boss, Sonia Parasnis, came up with this idea of retaining Urmin but my shows would be held under the concept of Mumbai Chi Mulgi, since I am born and brought in Mumbai and have a connect with local population."

"It’s amazing how the name managed to catch up. When I tell people, I am RJ Urmin, they do acknowledge me, but the response is crazy after they realise that I am the same Mumbai Chi Mulgi,” she further added.

Over these seven years, Urmin has not only gained a massive fan following but has also been the mind behind shows like Fever Unplugged.

Happy she talks about her show, Fever Unplugged and its popularity over years, "Fever Unplugged was conceptualised by me and my colleague, Omkar Pawaskar. The idea of guest singer visiting our studios and singing live gave us thrills. Our first singer was Shilpa Rao, who was amazing. She sang for eight segments of the show. Earlier, we knew that the show was a hit and was played simultaneously at four major centres like Delhi and Kolkata. But, today the show is played across 15 centres."

Urmin’s seven-year-long and still spanning career also gave her memories, she will never forget. Specifying one particular memory, she shares, "Once, this guy called us and told how his wife has left him and is going back to her maiden home. He was distraught. Our team traced his wife and connected both of them. They resolved their differences and got back together. Even today on the same date, the guy calls to thanks us."

Citing her latest memory, she adds, "The recent collapse of Andheri bridge in Mumbai caused a lot of chaos. I decided to step out of the office, go to the location and connect with people. "

Urmin calls this the strength of radio as a medium that can never be replaced.  She also revealed another thing that makes radio, a favourite medium, "There are no internet bills to pay for enjoying the music on the radio."

A proud Bollywood music freak, Urmin further says, "I always have been and always will be a Bollywood music person. Also, recently, I have started developing a taste for jazz music. I also play a lot of independent music on my shows, but my day begins with A R Rahman and ends with either Amit Trivedi or Vishal Bhardwaj."

Lastly, the famous RJ talks about her future projects, "I know a lot of RJs, who say, ‘Yaar prime slot chaiye,’ but when it comes to me; I just want to do good work. I am living my dream for seven years and shall continue doing. As of now, my slot is the afternoon one and re-runs of my shows are also aired."

RJ Urmin’s hashtag, #Agdiwow that means, extremely wow, has gone viral. "I keep transiting from Marathi to Hindi and then to English, which friends use to like. Hence, once I did this hashtag and it spread like fire. My fan following on Facebook shot up from 7,000 to 35,000 in no time,” she signed off.