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Interviews |  20 Jul 2022 20:26 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Deleted Your Number' is about removing toxic people says singer Aditi Iyer

MUMBAI: 17-year-old opera-trained pop prodigy Aditi Iyer dropped her latest single “Deleted Your Number”.

The song has made her the Youngest Indian Global Chart Topper. To know more about the release and her future projects, Radioandmusic got in touch with Aditi Iyer.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on “Deleted Your Number”, what is the story behind it?

Deleted Your Number is mainly about removing toxic people from your life by 'Deleting' their number’ and thus their presence. Deleting someone's number may seem minute but it is actually a major step in removing someone from your life, since, in this age of technology, it means you won't text or call them, and, if you extend this to social media, are prohibiting them from knowing about your life.

I think the song could be interpreted as romantic, as in leaving behind a toxic ex, but it also really fits any other context like, for example, a fake friend.

How do you feel being the Youngest Indian Global Chart Topper?

It feels absolutely amazing! When I learned I'm the youngest Indian solo artist to top both the Euro Indie Music Charts and the World Indie Music Charts,(being no.1 on two charts simultaneously is unimaginable!); I was practically screaming with joy . I'm really glad that Deleted Your Number was able to resonate with so many people around the world and the fact that it did makes me genuinely proud as a songwriter.

You embraced new vibrant electro-pop, with this single, how was it?

Deleted Your Number was definitely a new style of music for me. My previous release, a four-song-EP called Dollhouse, was a lot more mellow and reflective than the upbeat Deleted Your Number, but I'm really glad I took the chance to try new things. I believe that music is so incredibly diverse and, as a musician, I want to experiment with my music so I can challenge myself and be more versatile. I feel I was able to accomplish that with Deleted Your Number while working with the amazingly talented producer Rohan Solomon. Being something I wasn’t used to, I had to adjust the way I sang and cope with a new sound and style but that was an unexpectedly fun and rewarding process. The response I got from Deleted Your Number was also just amazing and encouraging so I think embracing a new style worked for me.


Being the one of the youngest new achievers in the industry, how would you say your musical journey has been?

My musical journey has been crucial in forming my identity as a singer-songwriter. I started my journey really young, my family tell me I was humming tunes I heard around the house as early as 9 months. So, I really do believe that loving music is in my DNA and that I'm destined to pursue it. I've always gotten joy from singing, whether it was singing nursery rhymes at 3 or graduating to Celine Dion at 4. And at 8 years old, with the help of my family, I uploaded my first YouTube video. This has been a major step for me as it began my social media presence. Another huge step for me was when I wrote my first song about anti-bullying at 10 years old. That kickstarted my songwriting journey and, fast forward a few years later, I released Dollhouse, my first formal release, and then Deleted Your Number. My musical journey has been educational every step of the way and I wouldn't be who I am without it so I'm grateful for everything, even my failures.

Upcoming projects?

I'm definitely in the process of making new music. I love writing songs so I try

my best to make new music as much as I can!