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Interviews |  21 Apr 2023 18:02 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Asees Kaur drops a roaring revolution, a boss lady anthem, ‘I don't give a*’

MUMBAI: India’s most streamed female artist Asees Kaur releases a roaring revolution, a boss lady anthem, “I don't give a*”.

“I don't give a*” is a celebration of women across the world that choose not to give a f*** about anything and everything that holds them back. “Heart broken, crying girls NO MORE, they're here to kick some ass, live their lives on their own terms, change the world and have fun while they're at it!”, said the singer.

To know more about the anthem, Radioandmusic got in touch with Asees Kaur.

Check the interview below:

Talk to us about your latest single.

The name of my latest single is ‘I don't give a*’ so I can’t say that word sorry but yes, the name of my single is I don't give a* and it is a very different kind of song compared to all the songs I've done in past. My film songs are romantic or very heartbreaking in nature and sometimes I do fast numbers and dance numbers but this one is different and special because I have not done anything like this. Personally, it's a very fun song and I wanted to give my fans a new Asees to enjoy because I am really grateful for all the love, they have showered on me for my songs and now I wanted to do this for them. It took a lot of courage for me to come up with this notion that now I should do something new and try this in my career and I'm really happy with how it has turned out.

What is the story behind it?

I wanted to try something new and Sony Music was very eager to show a new Asees Kaur to the world then Goldie Sohel who's the composer of the song came up with this idea with a hook line that’  I don't give a*’ like there are some instances in your life when you feel like now its too much and now I won't live life according to other people's perspective. I will live my life on my own terms and I don't give a* about anything else so that's how we were inspired for the song and it took a lot of courage to do this new kind of genre but I am really looking forward to all the love.

Why did you choose a powerful topic like this and what inspired you?

For me a song has to lyrically connect to me before I sing it so the reason behind singing or creating this song with Goldie was, in my journey, there was a moment when I was rejected from Indian Idol and I came back to Panipat, I cried for three days and I thought my dream of becoming a singer was shattered, I won't be able to make it in the music industry but on the fourth day I got up and I said no nobody can beat me and I will live my life on my terms. I will do the hard work I will try once more. I really don't give a* about anything else but I will make it. So that was the thought process. I think there’s a moment in everyone’s life when they feel, they’ll live their lives on their own rules whether it’s a heartbreak they overcome or a situation in life. you just overcome it and take your own charge so that was the idea behind it and I think everybody can relate to it whether a female or a mom or a grandmother or a father, a husband everybody so it's a very relatable kind of situation, and the song. So, I just thought of it putting into music and making it easy for people  

You just performed at Moksha, how was it? Give us some gist of it.

Moksha was an amazingly incredible experience there was a crowd of 25,000 people and everybody sang my songs like Rataan lambiyan’, ‘Ankh lad jaave’ together and I sang IDGA* also for everybody there. I played them the teaser of the song and people were crazy about it and I so enjoyed it. I was looking for this moment. There are a few moments when you feel like your song is being played for you and that is the moment when a singer feels that he or she has made it. So that was moksha for me and the reaction to my new song. It was fun and I really enjoyed my Delhi fans singing my songs with me so it was a fun concert.  

Women in music; how has your journey been in the music industry so far?

My journey has been really amazing I landed my first song when I came to Bombay in A span of just three months which is quite commendable so I thoroughly enjoyed my journey. I am fond of my journey. I feel like I'm pretty blessed to get so many good songs in such a short time so be it ‘bolna’ ‘makhna’ or be it ‘hui malang’ and then receiving awards for ‘Hui Malang’ and then ‘Raatan lambiyaan’ being the top song for last two years #1 stream songs. so yes, my journey has been pretty incredible.

Any challenges that you faced within the music industry?

There have been quite a few challenges. I think everybody faces these challenges. your life doesn't end with one song. when I sang ‘bolna’ my next challenge was how to get another song and then I got ‘ankh lad jaave’. Then I was focused on getting my next song so the journey goes on. Another challenge we face as women in the music industry is that we get a very little part in the song and we are usually introduced in the antra and then we go without singing the hook also sometimes. So that is another challenge that I feel women face in the music industry apart from that I think the industry is quite opening and welcoming to new voices which is very great whether you're a man or a woman, I think the new voices are really celebrated now and are well received in the industry which is really nice and I really look forward that eventually, it will be a nice place for everybody