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Interviews |  04 May 2021 17:06 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Casting Director wasn't in Shadman Khan's card

MUMBAI: Casting Director Shadman Khan from Mumbai, owns a casting agency by the name of “Shadman khan casting agency”

He shared his journey has been fabulous. He has casted so many tv shows, ads, web series and music videos. He and his team are working so hard to cast every deserving artist who fit in the bill. They also face difficulties at times but they know how to rock it.

Shadman Khan tells Radioandmusic of how casting director wasn’t in his card and takes us through his initial journey.

Check the interview below:

How casting for tv shows is different from casting for music videos. Kindly elaborate!

Casting for television shows is little difficult as comparison to music videos nowadays, because in TV we have so many characters to cast and audition them after that look test. Then comes the channel production meetings and sometimes mock shoot after that we finalise the actors. And in music videos Client wants only good followers on Instagram or social media sites now a days because it’s a good business to cast them. Due to good followership, song gets much hype.

Was being a casting director always on your cards? 

No, I never thought to be a casting director, it just happened. I always wanted to do some creative job or business in my engineering college days. So, after coming in this field, casting work sounded me interesting and effective. So, I worked hard on it to understand the process and everything. 

The word casting couch is very common. What do you have to say on this?

I just want to say that Casting couch is one's own choice. No one really forces you to get into a trap. Somewhere it's people's own desperation maybe, or they get blinded into it. So, if someone asks you to do something like this Just Slap him/her at that time only, so in future they will think twice to ask someone for couch. 

What are the criteria or the process you look into while casting an artist?

If you are coming to be an actor, you have to be multitalented. I prefer mostly acting, second thing is look of the actor according to the requirement. At last, on set only your acting speaks nothing else. 

You are soon opening your production house. How you came across the idea of being a producer?

Yes, I’m going to produce one web series on OTT platform. We are on pre-production stage as of now. I chose to opt this because I really enjoy the power of well-told stories and I wanted to be a part of bringing that to others. If you’re interested in doing the work - then adventure awaits. 

What are your upcoming projects?

I am working on two new television daily soaps and 1 web series in line-up. Because of lockdown all shoots have been shut in Mumbai. So lately we are Casting little slowly in these projects but I have some new projects line-up in May June.