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Interviews |  24 Sep 2020 16:50 |  By Namrata Kale

Live in the moment and don't stop yourselves from expressing your love: Yunan

Born in Karnal, Uday Sachdeva also known as Yunan who began his career as a dancer in Zee’s Dance India Dance Lil’ Masters in 2012 released his new track Saath. Being under the guidance of Raftaar, the singer has come a long way.

In an interview with, Yunan has given some interesting insights about the song and a lot more.

Do check the interview below.

Could you tell us about your new song Saath?

This was really turbulent time for everyone and this unprecedented crisis has forced everyone – from young couples, friends, and family – to stay apart. There are fewer chances to celebrate with the people you love. But I believe that life has to carry on and we need to embrace this change and keep on being there for one another. I wanted ‘Saath’ to be an open declaration of love that can’t be stopped even by a pandemic!

What message does it deliver?

My message through this track was to tell people to live in the moment and to not stop ourselves from expressing our love. I’ve seen a lot of people keep delaying and waiting for that “magical” moment in the future – so many times I’ve heard people say let’s wait till the lockdown ends before we can move to a new pad, let’s wait till I get time off to take that holiday – the list of excuses is endless. All this waiting is a state of mind, you don’t want what you’ve got and you want what you haven’t got. When you finally find someone worthwhile seize the moment and claim your love.

As you are an upcoming artist, we would like to know more about you. Could you tell us about your music and how you got into it?

I am a small-town boy from a  village in Haryana called Karnal. I started my career by pursuing dance. Somewhere in 2012 I participated in a reality show called Dance India Dance and with God’s grace I reached the #8 spot in the show. I got noticed for my talent but the show also helped me to discover my passion for music. I started learning the basics in music from online crash courses and then my mentor and inspiration, Raftaar stepped in and helped me understand the intricacies of the business.  It took me close to 2 years before I could finally muster up the courage to kickstart my solo journey as a producer, composer, singer and songwriter. I released my first track in 2018 called ‘Netflix & Chill’ and there has been no looking back ever since. I enjoy scripting relatable lyrics and songs that speak of everyday life because I feel music needs to be an expression of human emotion.

What have been your challenges?

Getting my parent’s approval to start my own independent life in the big city where I had no friends or family at such a young age and to pursue the creative arts as a profession posed as a challenge. Dance and music aren’t viewed as a lucrative profession in small towns and villages but I hope this changes with efforts of artists like myself. Also the switch from dance to music was a big decision. I didn’t even know the M of music so I started from scratch literally and it was a massive risk I took with no guarantee of any kickbacks.

Who or what has inspired you?

A lot of artists like Justin Bieber, Arijit Singh, Chris Brown, Raftaar, Bruno Mars inspire me musically. My family and dance teacher were my pillars of support and taught me to be committed and meticulous.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Fingers crossed, one of the much-loved pop singers of India who can write, sing, play the guitar and dance simultaneously, all in one package. In the Western countries most singers showcase this versatility and I feel Indian pop singers have it in them to go that extra mile but it hasn’t been fully explored. Pop hasn’t yet excelled as a full-fledged genre in the Indian music industry and I aspire to make it such.

Upcoming projects?

I have a lot of dope singles dropping this year and many pop collaborations to watch out for put together by  my fabulous team, Kalamkaar and Sony Music India.

Yunan is also passionate about dance and music since an early age, he found his mentor in India’s popular rapper, Raftaar who has been guiding him since the age of 16 and also featured the young music artiste on his tracks ‘Sick’, ‘Beshaq’ and ‘Mundiya Di Mautt’. Having released 3 original singles till date: ‘Netflix And Chill’ feat. Raftaar, ‘Kyu’ and ‘You’, Yunan is a promising young hip hop talent to watch out for in the Indian music scene!