| 29 Jan 2023
Radio operators will get only one opportunity to migrate to FM Phase III

NEW DELHI: The Government has indicated that radio operators who change their minds after applying to migrate to FM Radio Phase III will not get another chance to do so.

In a further amendment to the Notice Inviting Applications for FM Radio Phase III, the Government has said options exercised by Operators who do not wish to migrate to FM Phase III will be considered as final and binding.

Earlier in an amendment on 10 March, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B Ministry) said that operators who applied for migration to FM Radio Phase III, but changed their minds, will be given an opportunity to withdraw the option to migrate within five days of intimation of the Non-refundable One Time Migration Fee (NOTMF).

The amendment of 10 March had come to the Notice Inviting Applications, issued on 2 March, at the specific requisition of Association of Radio Operators for India (AROI) Secretary General Uday Chawla.

Thus while giving five days for withdrawal of application to migrate, the Ministry has restored the condition in para seven that the option so exercised shall be considered final and binding.