| 07 Jul 2022
Radio becomes boon for Saranda villagers this election season
MUMBAI: ‘India is still developing’ - is a fact that we have to stick to while seeing places that still suffer with no electricity and face issues with modern ways of communication. But small arrangements made authorities can make a change. A good example of this is a CRPF(Central Reserve Police Force) radio center in Tholkobad village who are providing news to the tribals living in the region of Saranda.
Radio, the oldest form of communication happens to be their source of information which updates them about the latest developments, political news and a lot more. In fact, this 2019 general elections would be the first time since independence that these villagers are getting to know what’s happening in the country.
Earlier, with no clarity on proper electricity and mode of communication, villagers used to vote without knowing a political party or any candidate properly. Now with the help of CRPF 197 Battalion, installed this October in Tholkobad, villagers will be listening to national as well as international news along with that on general elections.
Well, it’s good to see that a CRPF radio station has awakened political consciousness amongst the villagers, which is just another example of how a frequency has managed to educate people.