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Entertainment  |  23 Mar 2016

Rare Beatles demo disc raises $110,180 at auction sale

MUMBAI: A rare, one-off demonstration record that launched the career of British pop band, The Beatles, fetched $110,180 at an auction Tuesday afte

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Biz  |  05 Feb 2016

Private FM wants FDI at par with GECs

New Delhi: The country's private FM radio players have recommended an increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the radio sector.

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Entertainment  |  25 Nov 2015

Benny Dayal contemplating auction for huge collection of hats and caps

MUMBAI: If you are a Benny Dayal fan, you could most likely also become an owner to one of his many hats or caps.

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Biz  |  12 Nov 2015

Hard Rock International wins Elvis Presley's Gold Leaf Piano in auction

MUMBAI: Hard Rock has 80,000 reasons to celebrate its world-famous memorabilia collection this week.

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Entertainment  |  10 Nov 2015

Piano licked by Miley Cyrus auctioned for $50,000

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus licked a piano, which was then put up for auction and went on to sell for $50,000.

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Biz  |  30 Oct 2015

Rental company- Design FX Audio's auction to take place in second week of November

MUMBAI: Gary Ladinsky has made a decision to retire, after serving the audio industry for more than three decades with his rental company Design FX

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Biz  |  19 Oct 2015

Rajyavardhan Rathore attributes transparent process to success of FM Phase III auctions

MUMBAI: The government is thinking up ways to support the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry, which will enhance modernisation and monetisa

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Biz  |  16 Oct 2015

PM hails auction of spectrum and FM Radio as proactive information to people

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, referred to the auctions of spectrum and FM radio licenses to say that information should be given

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Biz  |  28 Aug 2015

Jodhpur racing towards the Rs ten crore club along with Kolhapur, even as the cumulative price climbs to Rs 1147 crore

NEW DELHI: Even as the hope for revenues continues to rest on cities racing to the Rs ten crore mark and Varana

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Biz  |  20 Jul 2015

Sun Group challenges denial of permission to bid for FM Phase III auctions, Chennai High Court to hear case this week

NEW DELHI: The Sun Group’s challenge to the denial of permission to participate in auction for Phase-III of FM radio broadcasting licences, is expe

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Biz  |  17 Jul 2015

Sun TV Group to move High Court on denial of permission to Red FM to bid for Phase III of FM auctions

The Sun Group is moving the High Court in Delhi or Chennai on Monday to challenge the denial of the permission to Red FM to bid in Phase III of FM.

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