| 18 Jun 2024
IPRS appoints Arun Iyer as CFO and Surhit Bhattacharya as CIO

MUMBAI: The Indian Performing Right Societies (IPRS) has appointed Surhit Bhattacharya as its new chief information officer (CIO) and Arun Iyer as the chief financial officer (CFO).

IPRS team confirmed the appointment, “Given IPRS growth, building defined teams and roles has become important. Surhit Bhattacharya has joined IPRS as its Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Arun Iyer as CFO (Chief Financial Officer).”

Meanwhile, IPRS’s contribution to the world of Copyrights was acknowledged by CISAC chairman, who called it ‘the fastest growing Copyright Society in the world’.

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IPRS team also thanked CISAC for their acknowledgement and aims to grow further.

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