| 14 Jul 2024
Virgin Music Group unveils a new global leadership team and global reorganization

MUMBAI : Virgin Music Group, the world's leading partner to independent music companies and entrepreneurs, announces a significant milestone in its journey by naming a newly appointed global leadership team. 

As part of a global reorganization, Virgin Music Group integrates Ingrooves' industry-leading global platform and patented marketing with Virgin Music, one of the world's most iconic independent music brands, to offer independent artists and labels a full suite of global services, providing expertise that is unparalleled in the music industry. The company has already begun to integrate operations among the teams in 32 countries around the world, a process that will proceed over the coming months.

As the global independent music division of UMG, Virgin Music Group is expanding as a stand-alone organization, now under common Virgin branding, working within a proprietary global system that includes a unified infrastructure, platform, product suite, and team.

Here are the key points of this announcement:

Global Reorganization: Virgin Music Group will now be organized into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and Emerging Markets. Each region will have dedicated leaders responsible for driving our presence and influence in their respective areas. Our centralized global leadership team will focus on maximizing the impact of marketing, commercial, and operational initiatives worldwide.

Brand Transition: Virgin Music (Label & Artist Services) and Ingrooves will now be known as Virgin Music Group, aligning our global branding and services. This transition will take place over the coming months. 

Operational Integration: The company has already begun the process of integrating some operations, a transformation that will continue over the coming months.

Web and Social Transition: Our websites and social media accounts, including and, will evolve into Virgin Music Group branding. As a first step, both websites will temporarily redirect to

Enhanced Global Solutions: The reorganization of Virgin Music Group provides independent labels and artists with broader, more flexible, and improved global solutions.

This reorganization builds on Universal Music Group's (UMG) investment in creating successful long-term relationships with leading independent labels and artists worldwide.


  • Jacqueline Saturn is President of Virgin Music Group North America and EVP of Global Artist Relations.
  • Thomas Lorain and Nick Roden, co-presidents of Virgin Music Group Europe
  • Victor Gonzales, President of Virgin Music Group Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula
  • Nathan McLay, Managing Director of Virgin Music Group Australia & New Zealand
  • Michael Roe, Managing Director of Virgin Music Group Africa, Middle East, and Asia (AMEA),
  • Jay Blomquist, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeremy Kramer, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing
  • Joy Larocca, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Liz Morentin, Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Brand Strategy
  • Matt Sawin, Head of Global Product Strategy and Operations
  • Nina Rabe-Cairns, Head of Global Growth Strategy
  • Zack Gershen, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial and Digital Strategy

All members of the global leadership team will report directly to Virgin Music Group Co-CEOs JT Myers and Nat Pastor.

This exciting development signifies Virgin Music Group's commitment to delivering enhanced music services on a global scale. We look forward to an even more dynamic and successful future, standing strong as a dedicated partner to independent music companies and artists worldwide.

About Virgin Music Group:

Virgin Music Group is the world’s leading partner for independent music companies and artists who require a standalone team with global infrastructure and local expertise in every major music market around the world. Virgin Music Group offers compelling, efficient, and highly flexible global solutions with the most advanced marketing technology available for independent record labels and artists who want to succeed.