| 21 Jun 2024
Zindagi partners with Big FM to give its listeners a unique 'Shukriya' experience

MUMBAI: Gratitude, honour and recognition to those who make a difference in our lives can simply be shown with one word… ‘Shukriya’! Zindagi, the channel that created a stir in the Indian television industry with its differentiated content, has partnered with India’s largest Radio Network Big FM to bring alive the spirit of its first non-fiction show ‘Shukriya’. Spanning over seven weeks starting July 27, 2015, Big FM will create a unique ‘Shukriya’ experience for its listeners in 24 stations across India.

In our busy lives, we tend to ignore those who impact our lives significantly. There are people who plant trees for us to have fresh air to breathe, people fighting at the front for our safety, people who keep the city clean, and many such unsung heroes who do good for society. In one of its kind initiative, 92.7 BIG FM RJs will say Shukriya to such local unsung heroes in all 24 stations. BIG FM will also give a platform to its listeners who want to show gratitude to those whose unwavering support has made significant contribution to their lives. On the occasions of Guru Purnima, Friendship Day & Independence Day, 92.7 BIG FM will have special segments for listeners to say Shukriya to their teachers, friends & soldiers respectively. There will also be a dedicated segment on ‘BIG Memsaab’ where the RJ will give a sneak peak in to the upcoming episode of Shukriya every week. In addition, BIG FM will exclusively play Shukriya’s melodious title track that has been gaining momentum on social media.

‘Shukriya’ celebrations will not be restricted to radio only, as Zindagi will bring the BIG FM studio to your television screens as well. An exclusive segment called ‘Keh Do Shukriya’ where RJ Siddharth, along with host Gunjan Utreja, will narrate Shukriya stories shared by 92.7 BIG FM listeners.

Talking about the association, Zindagi and FTA Cluster, EVP and Business Head, Priyanka Datta said, “Shukriya, our first original non-fiction show, is as unique as the distinct offerings we have had on Zindagi since inception. It is a show that encourages goodness & spreads happiness….happiness of acknowledging a good gesture on one hand and happiness of being appreciated on the other. “Shukriya” is a word that should become a way of life & we are very happy to partner with BIG FM as that helps us further broad base this message to the large base of their listeners. We hope to touch the hearts and lives of many with ‘Shukriya’ just like our other stories have.”
Speaking about the association, RBNL, EVP and Business Head, Ashwin Padmanabhan, said, “I am extremely pleased to announce our association with Zindagi. Zindagi is a unique channel; its content offering to viewers is distinctive and innovative. At Big FM, too, our endeavour has always been to provide our listeners with new, engaging and differentiated content. When we were approached for this partnership, the channel’s new show - Shukriya, it immediately hit the right chord. A seamless brand fit, the association aims at reaching out to people across the country so they can use the word ‘Shukriya’ and thank those who make a difference in their lives. Our expansive spread across the country allows us to reach out to listeners in every nook and corner of the country and we couldn’t be happier about RJ Siddharth playing an integral part of the on-air vignettes – ‘Keh Do Shukriya’“.