| 24 Feb 2024
Rovi music discovery platform strikes a chord for personalised entertainment

MUMBAI: Rovi Corporation introduced the Rovi music discovery platform, a new solution designed to deliver a more personalised music experience for consumers to connect them to their favourite artists. Comprised of three industry-leading Rovi products – search, recommendations, and conversation services – Rovi music discovery platform is an advanced solution that understands natural, conversational speech to power fast, accurate search capabilities and provide results that are tailored to the listener’s individual tastes. Built on Rovi’s robust entertainment Knowledge Graph with metadata covering more than three million album releases and 30 million tracks worldwide, Rovi music discovery takes content, context, and user behavior into account to provide personalised and contextually relevant results.

“In today’s pivotal age of streaming, the abundance of music content makes it increasingly important for our customers to differentiate their offerings and deliver an outstanding discovery experience to their users,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president, discovery, Rovi. “Music providers are looking for the best way to connect listeners to the music they love. They also want to introduce consumers to new favorites based on their listening habits, current mood, and evolving tastes, as well as expose them to what is popular or trending. With Rovi music discovery, listeners can have a more engaging and satisfying experience with a wealth of personalized entertainment choices.”

The Rovi music discovery platform is a powerful combination of Rovi search, recommendations, and conversation services for the music market, which enables Rovi customers to give listeners instant access to songs, albums, suggested tracks, playlists, and artist information. Powered by the dynamic Rovi Knowledge Graph, the platform uses a unique blend of hybrid algorithms and Rovi entertainment metadata to deliver high-quality descriptive results based on a deep understanding of how people search for content, their consumption history, and profile information, as well as popularity and relevance. Streamlined recommendations help break down the barrier of choice so listeners can discover new tracks in their favorite genres.

Further, the inclusion of Rovi conversation services provides music lovers with a fluent, error-tolerant voice solution for music discovery. This provides a new way for subscribers to easily find their favorite artists and tracks and discover new music by speaking in a natural, free-flowing way. Rovi achieves this through predictive semantic intelligence and a deep understating of entertainment within a real-world context.