| 17 Jun 2024
20-TEN Year-ender: Sanjay Hemady, COO - HIT 95 FM

* Radio has delivered, and so well!

I don't want to do the usual. Talk about problems and figures and issues and solutions, questioning numbers, measurements, listing out the problems and what-have-you. These things are part and parcel of our world, the struggle, the sweat, the efforts and the results.

It's time we got out of the kindergarten stage of questioning numbers and started with a collaborative approach in the direction of meaningful radio.

How many times do we get to hear this:

Radio has worked for this campaign…...,

Radio created a case study for this brand…...

For the launch you cant miss out taking Radio as part of the media plan...

For tactical or a Sale Ad, it is obvious that Radio will be part of the media plan, isn't it?

At Radio Stations, to all who entertain listeners and add value to brands… these words will bring in cheer and the confidence to work harder.

They will make the word Innovation... obsolete with many new campaigns.

For a medium that is one of the oldest in the country and yet considered new by many, there are questions to be answered… nobody denies the reach of the medium, nobody denies if the profiling fits in well…

How many articles have been written that exude confidence in the medium and the successes?

It's time we get out of the Kindergarten stage of questioning numbers and start with a collaborative approach in the direction of meaningful radio.

There are in all 251 private radio stations entertaining a potential listener base of over 300 million approx (not sure of this number), with private radio being around since 1995 and in its full avatar from 2002 with Phase I, and 2006 with Phase II, a Year to remember will be 2011…

2011 will bring in a Radio Revolution, something which happened to our Indian Media in the last 17 years with Television boom with approx 515 channels beamed today, Radio will happen much faster.

Are we ready for something so huge? 806 new Radio stations?

Are we missing out on the pace, are we missing out on putting facts across? It's time to create a difference.

For Radio Broadcasters, let's showcase our work and say, Radio Delivers.

For Brand Marketers, let's collaborate, we are ready to add value to your business.

For RESEARCH Companies, let's create an indigenous research model.

Radio deserves active participation… it holds a promise on entertaining.

For the love of Radio!                    


It's your money. Spend it well to generate the best returns for your campaign.

Issued in the interest of evolving radio in India 

Why Radio?

�It reaches out to a focused city centric audience

�It is a media multiplier

�Its CPT is the lowest

�It's low on Production

�Its effectiveness is immediate

�It's personal and emotional

The BRR!! Quotient

Or your �Buy Radio Responsibly' Quotient.

Do you? Find out how cool you are when it comes to buying radio for your brand.

How do I choose a radio station for my campaign?

�Station with large network and comparatively lower rates

�Station offers right target audience fit for my campaign

�Station has highest listenership

�It's my favourite station

�Station offered me a good deal on the previous campaign

�Station has clutter-free ad breaks and focused listener base

�Station gives listeners desired content and advertisers desired impact

Why am I spending for a particular campaign on radio?

�The client loves listening to radio

�Show client maximum VFM by buying at lower rates and larger network

�Radio ROI is stronger than other media for connecting with the target consumer

�The creative approach devised for radio rocks!

How important are the listeners for me when I consider radio?

�More the listenership, better for my campaign

�Listener loyalty matters more than listener numbers

�I get unduplicated listeners when I buy more than one station in a city

�Listeners aren't just a mere number, but actual prospects for my campaign

How important is the station's rate in my decision?

�Lower the rate, works better for me

�If I get one or two other cities free, that's a good deal for me.

�Highest rate in the market? Must be a very good station!

�It's not the rate, but the station's product and unduplicated listenership that matters.

Does network determine my decision to buy?

�Bigger the network, better the deal I can work out.

�National reach for campaign is easier to work out with one station with network

�What counts is if the station connects locally to my TG effectively, network doesn't matter

What returns did I get on my last radio investment?

�Who cares? Client heard the spot!

�Campaign registered good recall and response

�Doesn't matter. Radio's the smallest thing on my radar.

There are no right or wrong options here  It's for you to decide what works best for your brand when you buy radio. Just remember, it's your money. Spend it well to generate the best returns for your campaign.

Buy Radio Responsibly.

Issued in the interest of evolving Radio in India by Sanjay Hemady