| 20 Apr 2024
Best handy music players to give you party vibes

MUMBAI: Sony and music are a match made in heaven. We all remember Sony's famous Walkman which ruled every kid's pocket before the 21st century. An MP3 CD player might seem a bit out of fashion but this is a very useful device which can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or even has a USB connecting slot. Ramp up the power with Mega Bass, or give your whole sound a boost with two speakers. An LCD display with a battery life of over 9 hours, this is perfect for your next picnic with the friends. Experience the Sony way of music with the ZS-RS60BT.

The name that music lovers use more frequently is Paxmore when it comes to a handy and portable player. The PaxMore Mini clip MP3 is a full-featured movable and hands-free MP3 player that you can carry everywhere. It is a small pocket-sized device which can wirelessly stream music via a microSD card for up to a long time. The sound type and bass are pure quality. You can also use the Mini Clip during your swims or for that party on the beach.

Paxmore Clip also offers a rechargeable battery device hence there is no requirement of external batteries. It has been built in a compact design with 12 eye-catching colors to choose from. So choose a color and start playing.

This is reminiscent of the first I-pod that was launched by Apple. It comes with a similar design, that is sure to make you nostalgic, and that too for a fraction of the price. It supports a variety of MP3 music formats, and this digital music player can be used as a removable flash disk, to play MP3 songs and store data as well. It is provided with a 16gb memory card for storing all your tracks and has over 3.5 hours of playback time. The compact fit earphones come with great sound clarity and noise suppression that removes outside sound.

This device is meant to transcend your music experience with the wide array of features in this music player. If you enjoy your workout and fitness sessions, then it does not get better than the Transcend Digital music player with a G-Sensor step counter, scheduled FM radio recording function, voice recorder, high-quality removable ear hook earphones and a long battery life. The MP710 features a voice recorder and an 8GB flash drive with data transfer and storage capabilities to save up to 2,000 songs, text files or even e-books. So, when you pay for your gym membership, do not forget to pay and order the Transcend player to help with your heavy workouts.