| 20 Jun 2024
Everlert acquires ownership in Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Blue Cadillac Music'

MUMBAI: Everlert, Inc. is pleased to announce it has acquired an ownership position in Blue Cadillac Music, LLC.

Established in 2012, Blue Cadillac Music is an emerging record label and publishing company created by Country Music Icon Billy Ray Cyrus and award winning producer and label executive Brandon Friesen. Blue Cadillac Music premiered its first single in 2012 by Cyrus called 'That’s What Daddy’s Do' followed by Billy Ray’s highly acclaimed full length release 'Change My Mind''.

Since the company's inception, Blue Cadillac has produced critically acclaimed music videos, singles and album releases featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Dionne Warwick, as well as ‘Like A Country Song’ Movie Soundtrack and several charity driven projects ranging from Anti-Bullying, Wounded Warrior Projects and events honoring the families of lost veterans and service men.

Everlert President and CEO, Mark Blankenship stated, "Everlert is excited about the new opportunities created by this joint venture with Blue Cadillac Music and the talented Billy Ray Cyrus, Brandon Friesen and their team of industry veterans. We believe we will have a tremendous opportunity to expand and promote our projects on a worldwide basis moving forward.”